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# 141
Haramipan ki badbu aa rahi hai tere baaton se ... ab toh paki ho gayi teri maut mere haathon se
I smell the bad odor of bastardy from your talks ... now your death is sure from my hands
# 142
Is dharti se gaddari mat kar ... varna yeh dharti phategi, sholay ughlegi ... aur tujhe raakh kar degi
Don't cheat on this land ... otherwise this land will rip apart, erupt fire balls ... and it will turn you into ashes
# 143
Ladai mein koi pehle maarta hai isse koi farak nahi padta ... farak isse padta hai ki pehle kaun neecha gira
In a fight it doesn't matter who hits first ... what matters is who falls on the ground first
# 144
Jeete ji tune kanoon ki itni thukai ki hai ... ki aaj tujhe khuda ki khudai bhi nahi bacha sakti
You have disobeyed the law so much that ... today even God can't save you
# 145
Apne haathon ko hathyar bana lo ... apni saanson ko aandhiyon mein badal do ... hamara rakht hi mahaan sena hai
Turn your hands into a weapon ... turn your breaths into storms ... our blood is our great army
# 146
Ab goli kha
Now eat a bullet
# 147
Kisi ko maara toh police dhundega ... poice wale ko hi maara toh tumhare jaisa don dhundega
If I hit anyone then the police will search for me ... but if I hit a policeman then a don like you will search for me
# 148
I love phasion, phun aur gun
I love fashion, fun and gun
# 149
Iske tukde tukde karke poore gaon mein prasad ki tarah baant do
Cut him into pieces and distribute them into the whole village
# 150
Agar woh chale gaye ... toh insaan nahin, barood bankar lautenge
If they go away ... then they will not return as humans, but as gunpowder
# 151
Trigger kheench ... mamla mat kheench ... khinch gaya na toh bahut takleef doonga
Pull the trigger ... don't pull the matter ... if it gets pulled then I will give you a lot of suffering
# 152
(Mat piyo, it's killing you) - Bullets nahi maar payi ... yeh cigarette kya cheez hai
(Don't smoke, it's killing you) - The bullets couldn't kill me ... this cigarette is nothing in front of it
# 153
Main maarunga mar jayega ... dobara janam lene se darr jayega
You'll die if I hit you ... and you'll be scared to even be born again
# 154
Mauka mile toh goli chala dena, sochna mat ... main nahi sochunga
If you get a chance then fire the bullet, don't think ... because I won't think
# 155
Log Don ko nahi ... duniya ko chhodte hai
People don't leave Don ... they leave the world
# 156
Kutte kamine ... main tera khoon pee jaoonga
You bloody dog ... i will drink your blood
# 157
Pehli goli woh chalayega ... aur aakhri goli hum
They will fire the first bullet ... and we will fire the last bullet
# 158
Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin ... namumkin hai
Catching Don is not only hard ... it's impossible
# 159
Ek ek ko chun chun ke maaronga ... chun chun ke maaronga
One by one I will choose and kill ... I will choose and kill
# 160
Jaise daane daane par khane waale ka naam likha hota hai ... vaise hi ek goli par tera naam likha hai ... aur woh goli meri bandook mein hai
Just like on every bite of food, the name of the person who will eat it is written ... just like that there is a bullet on which your name is written ... and that bullet is in my gun
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