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Kader Khan

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# 101
Inki zindagi ke lifaafe par ... upar jaane ka tickut toh lagai dena
On the envelope of his life ... put a ticket to go up (to God)
# 102
Is duniya mein izzat ki nahi, balki daulat ki zaroorat hoti hai ... aur daulat jiske paas hoti hai, izzat khud-ba-khud aakar uski chaukhat pe apna sar jhuka deti hai
You need money and not respect in this world ... because respect automatically comes and bow downs on the door of those who have money
# 103
Ab yeh dard saha nahi jaye aur bin kahe bhi raha nahi jaye ... meri samajh mein kuch kuch aaye, machi hai kyun hai-hai ... pyare yahi toh ishq kehlaye
Now I can't take this pain and I can't stay without saying it ... I do understand a little bit as to why you're worried ... this is what is called as love my friend
# 104
Abhe oh dukkar Fiat ke cancelled model
Hey you cancelled model of a piggy Fiat car
# 105
Yeh crorepati hai, yeh arabpati hai ... magar aaise rehte hai jaise chai ki patti hai
He is rich, he is super rich ... but he lives as if he is tea powder
# 106
Is duniya mein agar koi sharif aadmi pakda jaye, toh usse bachane ke liye koi aage nahi aata hai ... lekin agar ek baimaan aadmi pakda jaye, toh usse bachane ke liye hazaaron aadmi khade ho jaate hai
In this world if a honest man gets caught, then no one comes forward to save him ... but if a dishonest man gets caught, then thousands of people stand up to save him
# 107
Ek baar apne jism par hamla bardaash kar sakta hoon magar ... mere dil par joh hamla karega, main usse kabhi maaf nahi karoonga
For once I can bear an attack on my body ... but if anyone attacks my heart, then I will never forgive them
# 108
Baarish ki chand boondein padhi toh, machi is tarah dhoom ... sabi jawan dil, sabi haseen dil gaye nashe mein jhoom
When a few drops of the rain fell, then there was such great fun ... every young person, every beautiful person went crazy with enjoyment
# 109
Ladki ki khoobsurati shareer ko dhakne mein hai ... shareer ki numaish karne mein nahi hai
The beauty of a girl is in covering her body ... not in exposing her body
# 110
Neta jab tak giraftar nahi hota usse naam nahi milta ... logon ki humdardiyan nahi milti
Until a politician gets arrested he does not get fame ... he does not get sympathy from people
# 111
Raat toh gayi, magar baat nahin gayi
The night is over, but the talk isn't over
# 112
Kya cheez hai yeh aansun bhi ... aaisa lagta hai jaise barson ka bhukhaar joh mann mein bhara hua tha ... in do qatre aansuyon mein behke nikal gaya
Tears are such a strange thing ... it feels that the fever that was accumulated for years in this heart ... that has flown out with these two tears
# 113
Tera bhi jawaab nahi uparwaale ... chokri na mili, naukri mil gayi ... stree na mili, istree mil gayi
God you're great ... I didn't find a girl, but I found a job ... I didn't find a woman, but I found an iron
# 114
Insaan dil ke haathon majboor hai ... aur dil ke haathon kyun majboor hai woh sirf dil jaanta hai ... kyun ki dil, dil hi toh hai
A human is compelled by his heart ... and only the heart knows as to why he is compelled by his heart ... because the heart is nothing but a heart
# 115
Main jitni muddat tak jail mein rahoonga ... apne dil mein nafrat ka zehar ikhatta karta rahoonga ... aur jab jail se chootunga toh us zehar se tumhare poore khandan ko jalakar khaakh kar doonga
While I'll be in the jail ... I'll keep collecting the poison of hatred in my heart ... and when I'll come out of the jail then with that poison I'll burn your entire family into ashes
# 116
Mujhse baimaani mat karna main bahut pahuncha hua aadmi hoon ... baimaani mein shaitan ko tuition deta hoon
Don't cheat with me since I'm a very recognized person ... and when it comes to cheating then I give tuitions to the devil
# 117
Mujh jaise vakil se kabhi mat lena panga ... varna kapde pehne rahoge aur duniya samjhegi nanga
Don't you ever confront a lawyer like me ... or else you'll be wearing clothes but the world will consider you naked
# 118
Shayaron ki mehfil mein jaate hai toh shayar ho jaate hai ... aur koi apne se tagda mil jaye toh kayar ho jaate hai ... zindagi ki gadi mein fit kardo toh tyre ho jaate hai ... aur agar bandook mein fit kardo toh fire ho jaate hai
When we go in a party of poets then we become a poet ... and if we get someone stronger than us then we become cowards ... if you fit us in the car of life then we become tyres ... and if you fit us in a gun then we get fired
# 119
Hamari kitaab mein galati ka lafz hi nahi hai ... hum galat kare toh sahi kehlata hai aur zulm kare toh insaaf kehlata hai
I don't have the word wrong in my book ... when I do wrong then it's called as right and when I do injustice then it's called as justice
# 120
Daulat waalon ki duniya mein baimaani ka daakhla band hai ... baimaani agar aati hai toh noton ka naqab audkar imaandari ban jaati hai
The entry for dishonesty is closed in the world of the rich ... and if dishonesty comes, then it wears the mask of money and turns in honesty
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