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Kader Khan

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# 141
Kothe ki dehleez par aag hoti hai ... us par pair rakhte hi ladki ki izzat jal jaati hai ... aur woh izzatdar se tawaif ban jaati hai
There is fire on the threshold of a brothel ... and a girl's honour burns when she steps on it ... and she turns from a respected person into a prostitute
# 142
Tan-e-tanha zindagi se bezaar, ek ladki se kiya pyar ... usse mila na iqraar, na bani woh dildar ... bas yeh cigarette hai wafaadar, woh bhi hai baldaar
Bored and alone in life I fell in love with a girl ... she said no and declined my love ... now only this cigarette is loyal and that also is twisted
# 143
Kabhi veerane the, abhi gul-o-gulzaar nazar aate hai ... badle badle dar-o-deewar nazar aate hai
Earlier it was deserted, but now it looks like a flower garden ... and the doors and walls look different
# 144
Maine is duniya mein bahut saare logon ko daulat aa jaane ke baad apna ghar badalte dekha hai, halaat badalte dekha hai, kapde badalte dekha hai ... maa baap badalte kisi ko nahi dekha hai
I have seen a lot of people in this world who have changed their house, changed their conditions, changed their clothing after getting money ... but I've never seen anyone changing his parents
# 145
Daulat se tu mahal khareed sakta hai, gaadiyan khareed sakta hai, chaaplusi karne waale dost khareed sakta hai ... magar gaaliyon mein duayen dene waala yeh baap nahi khareed sakta
With money you can buy a mansion, you can buy cars, you can buy friends who butter you ... but you can't buy a father who prays for you, even when he scolds you
# 146
Abhe bewakoofi ke laltern se nikalne waale andhere
Hey you darkness coming out from the lamp of foolishness
# 147
Agar bete ka kadh baap se ooncha ho jaaye toh beta apne baap ka baap nahi hota hai ... woh saala bete ka beta hi hota hai
If a son grows taller than his father, then the son doesn't become the father of his father ... he remains as a son only
# 148
Hamari kitaab mein galati ka lafz hi nahi hai ... hum galat kare toh sahi kehlata hai aur zulm kare toh insaaf kehlata hai
I don't have the word wrong in my book ... when I do wrong then it's called as right and when I do injustice then it's called as justice
# 149
Jin haathon se tune mere bhai ka khoon bahaya hai ... un haathon ka woh hashar karoonga ki zindagi bhar un haathon ko phailakar maut ki bheek maangti rahegi ... aur maut tere kareeb aane se inkaar karegi
The hands that have shed my brothers blood ... I'll make such a condition of those hands that you'll spread them to beg for death your entire life ... and death will deny coming close to you
# 150
Pedh, nadi aur dharti se bada koi daani nahi ... aur foren joh apni bhool sudhaar le usse bada koi gyani nahi
There is no bigger giver than a tree, river and earth ... and no learned person is bigger than the one who corrects his mistake right away
# 151
Shareer ke botal mein jawani ka khoon joh hai woh sode ki tarah ubal raha hai ... kyun ki jawani rang hai, bahaar hai, khumaar hai, suroor hai, guroor hai ... ashaon ka khilna hai, mann ka milna hai, mann ki mannat hai, dil ki jannat hai
The blood of youth is boiling like soda in the bottle of the body ... because youth is colour, is spring, is intoxication, is pleasure, is pride ... it's the blossoming of desires, it's the meeting of the hearts, it's a wish of the heart, it's the heaven of the heart
# 152
Apni zindagi toh aaise chal rahi hai jaise ee desh ko tohri sarkar ... bina engine ke handle, upar se scandal pe scandal
My life is going on just like your government for this country ... it's a handle without an engine, and on top of that there are many scandals
# 153
Aapka suputra bahut samajhdar hai ... yeh maana ki teekhi dhaar hai, magar zara dildar hai
Your son is very sensible ... I agree that he is a bit rude, but he is slightly beloved as well
# 154
Yeh hi Mama Banarasi ka dhanda hai ... gale mein samasya ka phanda hai ... magar Mama Banarasi kaatte hai aur shaadi byah ke rishtey ko prasad ke ladoo ki tarah baantte hai
This is Mama Banarasi's business ... there is a hangman's knot of problems in the neck ... but Mama Banarasi cuts that and distributes the relationships of marriage like a sweet from a religious offering
# 155
Is duniya mein bahut sari khushkismat jawaniyan aaisi hai jinke saron par baap ke daulat ki chhat hai ... joh apne pair pe nahi baap ke pair pe chalti hai ... aur baap ki jeb ko apna dil banake duniya mein jeeti hai
In this world there are many lucky youngsters who have the roof of their father's wealth on them ... those who walk on their father's legs and not on their legs ... and those who make their father's pocket as their heart and live in this world
# 156
Insaan aur insaaniyat ka toh main paidahishi dushman hoon ... mera bas chale toh main insaaniyat ka khoon aaise nichhod loon ... jaise log kisi phal mein se uska ras nichhod lete hai
From birth I am the enemy of humans and humanity ... if I had the power then I'll squeeze the blood out of humanity in a way like ... people squeeze the juice out of a fruit
# 157
Tu apno ka nahi, tere desh ka hi gaddar nahi ... balki gaddaron ka bhi gaddar hai ... aur tujh jaise gaddar ko zinda rehne ka koi haq nahi hai
You are a traitor not only to your near ones, but also your country ... infact you are the greatest traitor of all ... and a traitor like you has no right to live
# 158
Main usko pencil ki tarah cheel daloonga ... uske tukde tukde kar daloonga ... uske tukde kutton ko khilaonga aur kutte billiyon ko khila daloonga
I'll strip him like a pencil ... I'll cut him into pieces ... I'll feed his pieces to the dogs and I'll feed the dogs to the cats
# 159
Main toh aakhi zindagi samajhdari ki baat karte rehta hoon ... magar afsoos ki baat yeh hai ki pehli martaba meri samajhdari ki baat aapki samajhdari ki pitaari mein utari hai ... samajhe ki nahi?
I keep talking about sensible things my entire life ... but it's a pity that for the first time my sensible point has entered into your pot of senses ... does that make sense?
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