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Release Year - 1992
# 1
Tawaif aur titli mein koi farak nahi hota ... titli bhi ek phool par nahi tikti aur tawaif ek mard par
There is no difference between a prostitute and a butterfly ... a butterfly doesn't stick to one flower and a prostitute doesn't stick to one man
# 2
Ek aurat jab tak maa nahi banti ... woh adhoori rehti hai
Until a woman becomes a mother ... she remains incomplete
# 3
Agar sharifon ki betiyon ke liye pati ka ghar puja ka mandir hai ... toh tawaifon ki betiyon ke liye toh pati ka ghar na jaane kitne mandiron ki pujaon ka phal hai
If for the daughters of honest people their husbands house is a temple for worship ... then for the daughters of prostitutes their husbands house is a fruit from many a prayers from many a temples
# 4
Pyar ke mamle mein aur khane ke mamle mein ... doosre ki marzi mein apni marzi ki taang nahi adana chahiye
When it comes to love and food ... you should not force your wishes upon the wishes of others
# 5
Haai gul-e-gulzar, jaan-e-bahar ... vaise kaafi ho vazandar
You are the flower of my garden, spring of my life ... but you're quite heavy
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