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Nachnewale Gaanewale

Release Year - 1991
# 1
Is duniya mein jis kisi ko tarakki ki seedi se upar chadna hota hai na ... usse na anpadh jahil hona chahiye ... aur na hi anpadh aur jahilon se koi rishta rakhna chahiye
In this world a person who wants to climb the ladder of success ... he must not be uneducated and ignorant ... and neither must he keep any relationship with the uneducated and ignorant
# 2
Shayaron ki mehfil mein jaate hai toh shayar ho jaate hai ... aur koi apne se tagda mil jaye toh kayar ho jaate hai ... zindagi ki gadi mein fit kardo toh tyre ho jaate hai ... aur agar bandook mein fit kardo toh fire ho jaate hai
When we go in a party of poets then we become a poet ... and if we get someone stronger than us then we become cowards ... if you fit us in the car of life then we become tyres ... and if you fit us in a gun then we get fired
# 3
Sitaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hai ... abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hai
There is a world beyond the stars ... and there are still more examinations left in love
# 4
Maine is duniya mein bahut saare logon ko daulat aa jaane ke baad apna ghar badalte dekha hai, halaat badalte dekha hai, kapde badalte dekha hai ... maa baap badalte kisi ko nahi dekha hai
I have seen a lot of people in this world who have changed their house, changed their conditions, changed their clothing after getting money ... but I've never seen anyone changing his parents
# 5
Abhe bewakoofi ke laltern se nikalne waale andhere
Hey you darkness coming out from the lamp of foolishness
# 6
Agar bete ka kadh baap se ooncha ho jaaye toh beta apne baap ka baap nahi hota hai ... woh saala bete ka beta hi hota hai
If a son grows taller than his father, then the son doesn't become the father of his father ... he remains as a son only
# 7
Bansuri ke chhed ungliyon se chupakar jaise sur nikalte hai ... apne zakhmon ko muskurahat se chupakar duniya mein khushi baatna shuru ki jiye
Just like you hide the holes in a flute with your fingers to create a tune ... just like that hide your wounds with your smile and start spreading happiness in this world
# 8
Daulat se tu mahal khareed sakta hai, gaadiyan khareed sakta hai, chaaplusi karne waale dost khareed sakta hai ... magar gaaliyon mein duayen dene waala yeh baap nahi khareed sakta
With money you can buy a mansion, you can buy cars, you can buy friends who butter you ... but you can't buy a father who prays for you, even when he scolds you
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