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Hum Hain Kamaal Ke

Release Year - 1993
# 1
Agar upar waale ne maut likhi hai toh zindagi kuch nahi kar sakti ... aur agar zindagi likhi hai toh maut kuch nahi kar sakti
If god has written death then life can't do anything ... and if he has written life then death can't do anything
# 2
Nishana meri pistol ka hi nahi ... meri dimaag ki soch ka bhi bahut pakka hai
Not only the aim of my pistol is accurate ... but also the aim of the thoughts of my mind is accurate
# 3
Is umar mein aaisa hi hota hai ... dil atak jaata hai, mamla khatak jaata hai aur neeyat phisal jaata hai
Things like this happen at this age ... the heart gets stuck, the situation tumbles and the intention goes bad
# 4
Musibaton ka saamna himmat se karna chahiye ... aasunyon se nahi
You should face problems with courage ... not with tears
# 5
Mera naam hai Ghorpade ... aur mere samne achche achche ghidpade
My name is Ghorpade ... and even the best of the best fall in front of me
# 6
Bhagwan jiske chehre pe aankhen nahi deta ... uske dil mein aankhen de deta hai
When god doesn't give someone the eyes on their face ... then he gives them the eyes in their heart
# 7
Agar mujhe woh heere nahi mile ... toh main tum dono ko zameen mein aadha zinda ghaadkar ... aadha hissa bomb se uda doonga
If I don't get those diamonds ... then I'll bury half of both your bodies alive in the ground ... and blow the other half with a bomb
# 8
Wafaadari par note ke dher lagata hoon ... toh gaddari pe gaddaron ke seene par maut ke medal bhi laga deta hoon
When it comes to honesty, I give a lot of money ... and when it comes to dishonesty, I also give the medal of death on the chest of the traitors
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