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Veerey Ki Wedding

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Ladkiyon ke peeche zyada nahi bhaagna chahiye ... lautna mushkil ho jaata hai
One should not run a lot behind girls ... or else it gets difficult to return back
# 2
Meri life mein toh koi problem nahi hai ... issi liye main logon ki problem solve karta hoon
There's no problem in my life ... that's why I solve the problems of others
# 3
Apni chaukhat ka chirag jale na jale ... yaaron ka aashiyan roshan rahe
It doesn't matter if the lamp on my doorstep burns or not ... but the mansions of my friends should be well lit
# 4
Poori Delhi mein aisi mithai nahi milegi ... lekin is mithai mein hai na, aapko poori Delhi mil jayegi
You won't find this sweet in entire Delhi ... but in this sweet you'll definitely find the entire Delhi
# 5
Agar yeh maan gayi toh doli sajake leke jayenge ... aur agar na maani toh uthake leke jayenge
If she agrees then I'll take her in a decorated wedding palanquin ... and if she doesn't agree then I'll take her using force
# 6
Paisa itna ki ginte rahiye, ginte rahiye, ginte rahiye ... aur kanjoos itne ki maante rahiye, maante rahiye, maante rahiye
He has so much money that you'll just keep on counting ... and he's such a miser that you won't even believe it
# 7
Sasurji shaadi ki karlo tayaari ... kyun ki ab aapki beti huyi hamari
Father-in-law, start the preparations for the wedding ... because your daughter now belongs to us
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