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Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

Release Year - 2023
# 1
Sahi ka hoga sahi ... galat ka galat
Right things will be treated right ... and wrong things will be treated wrong
# 2
Jab shareer, dil aur dimaag mujhse kehte hai ... bas bhai, no more ... toh main kehta hoon, bring it on
When my body, heart and mind tell me ... that's enough man, no more ... then I say to them, bring it on
# 3
Mera koi naam nahi hai ... lekin main Bhaijaan naam se jaana jaata hoon
I don't have a name ... but people call me as Big Brother
# 4
Power nahi ... will power ... samjhe
Not power ... it's about will power ... do you get that
# 5
Loyalty, wafa, bahut kamaal ki cheez hai ... lekin karo toh wafadaron ke saath ... gadaaron ke saath nahi
Loyalty, trust, is an awesome thing ... but do it with loyal people ... not with traitors
# 6
Jab kisi non-violent aadmi ke peeche ek violent aadmi pad jaye ... us non-violent aadmi ke samne ek bahut hi violent aadmi ka khada hona zaroori hai
When a violent persons attacks a non-violent person ... then it's important for a very violent person to stand alongside the non-violent person
# 7
Suni-sunai baaton par yakeen nahi karte ... lekin suni-sunai baaton mein kuch na kuch sachai toh zaroor hoti hai
You should never believe in hearsay ... but hearsay usually have some truth in them
Song Lyrics - Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan
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