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Release Year - 1993
# 1
Khoobsurati woh nahi hoti joh aaine mein dikhai de ... khoobsurati woh hoti hai joh aaine mein nazar na aaye
Beauty is not what you see in the mirror ... beauty is what you can't see in the mirror
# 2
Tum mujhe apne ghar se nikaal sakte ho, apne dil se nikaal sakte ho ... lekin apne zameer se tum yeh baat kaise nikaaloge ... ki tum dono mere gunehgaar ho
You can remove me from your house, from your heart ... but how will you remove the fact from your conscience ... that you both are my culprits
# 3
Tum duniya ki pehli aaisi khoobsurat aurat hogi ... joh apne aapko itna badsurat sabit karne pe tuli hui hai
You are probably the first beautiful woman of this world ... who is trying to prove herself ugly
# 4
Cheez hamesha apni pasand ki leni chahiye ... doosro ki pasand ki nahi
You should always buy things of your choice ... and not of others
# 5
Kaanon mein ho baali, naak mein nathni, gaale mein haar, kamar mein chaabiyon ka guchha, paon mein payal ... aur haan agar haathon mein ho kangana ... toh kahan jayega sajna?
If you have earings in your ears, nose ring in your nose, necklace on your neck, keychain on your waist, anklet on your legs ... and yes bangles on your hand ... then where will your lover go?
# 6
Shaadi tann ke bandhan se pehle mann ka bandhan hota hai
Marriage is a bond of hearts before it is a bond of the bodies
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