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Release Year - 1951
# 1
Bas yahi toh hamare naye samaaj ka kamaal hai ... joh chor ho, doosron ke jeb kaatte hai, public ki aankhon mein dhool daalte hai, mere jaisa patla suit pant pehente hai ... unhe hum sharif samajhte hai ... aur joh imandaari se, mehnat mazdoori karke pet paalte hai, phate purane kapde pehente hai ... unhe chor daaku awaara samajhkar dhar liya jaata hai
This is the greatness of our new society ... one who is a thief, who pick pockets, who cheats other people, wears a suit and pant like me ... we consider them honest people ... and those who work hard and with honestly, wear ripped old clothes ... we catch them considering them as thieves and dacoits
# 2
Insaaf karte waqt har doosre rishtey ko bhool jaana padta hai
While doing justice you should forget every other relationship
# 3
Import export ka matlab hai idhar ka maal udhar aur udhar ka maal idhar
Import export means moving the goods from here to there and from there to here
# 4
Sharifon ki aulad hamesha sharif hoti hai ... aur chor daaku ki aulad hamesha chor daaku hoti hai
The children of honest people are always honest ... and the children of thieves and dacoits are always thieves and dacoits
# 5
Qatal karne ke liye bhi himmat chahiye
Even to kill someone you need courage
# 6
Joh ek baar apradhi ban jaye woh phir kabhi sharif nahi ban sakta ... chahe kitna hi bhes kyun na badle
Once you become a criminal then you can never become honest ... no matter how much you change your appearance
# 7
Dil kanoon ko nahi maanta ... kisi kanoon ko nahi maanta
The heart doesn't believe in law ... it doesn't believe in any law
# 8
Mitti ka gaar toot ke judh sakta hai ... par yaad rakhna stree ki laaj ka seecha ek baar toot jaaye, toh kabhi nahi judh sakta
A pot made from mud can be fixed if it breaks ... but remember once the honour of a woman breaks, then it can never be fixed
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