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Uran Khatola

Release Year - 1955
# 1
Nadan dost se samajhdar dushman achcha hota hai
It's better to have a sensible enemy rather than a silly friend
# 2
Dil ki awaaz dil se suni jaati hai ... kaano se nahi
The voice of the heart is heard from the heart ... and not from the ears
# 3
Lehron se darne waale kinare reh jaate hai ... aur sagar mein faandne waale moti le aate hai
Those who are scared of the waves remain on the shores ... and those who jump into the ocean bring the pearls
# 4
Zindagi ek khoobsurat khilona hai ... isse darna nahi, khelna seekho
Life is a beautiful toy ... don't be scared of it, learn to play with it
# 5
Jeevan ke mele mein joh haath pakadkar nahi chalte ... woh aksar kho jaaya karte hai
Those who don't walk holding hands in the carnival of life ... they usually get lost
# 6
Surma jab tak kheecha nahi jaata aankhon mein jagah nahi paata
Until you apply the kohl, it doesn't get a spot in the eyes
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