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Jurm (2005)

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Socha na tha mohabbat ka yeh bhi anjaam aayega ... royegi tu aur dil ko mere qaraar aayega
I had not thought that even this consequence will come in love ... that you will cry and my heart will feel satisfied
# 2
Bewakoof dost se samajhdar dushman zyada achcha hota hai
A smart enemy is better than a foolish friend
# 3
Jab pyar se bharosa hat jaye ... toh wohi pyar kitni jaldi nafrat mein badal jaata hai
When you don't believe in your love ... then that love quickly changes into hatred
# 4
Ab tak joh kuch unhone mere saath kiya maine socha nahi tha ... aur ab joh main unke saath karoonga woh unhone nahi socha hoga
Until now what they have done to me, I had not thought of that ... and now what I am going to do with them, that they would have not thought of
# 5
Kuch cheezein insaan zindagi se seekhta hai ... aur kuch maut se
There are some things that a person learns from life ... and some from death
# 6
Kutta jab tak wafaadari kare usse bhar-pet khilao ... aur jab pagal ho jaye usse goli maar do
Give the dog all he can eat until he is faithful ... and when he becomes mad then shoot him
# 7
Tofhe toh liye jaate hai ... lekin mangalsutra apnaya jaata hai
Gifts are accepted ... but the wedding necklace is adopted
# 8
Aap gayab hoti hai milne ke liye ... aur milti hai gayab hone ke liye
You disappear so that we can meet ... and you meet so that you can disappear
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