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Kunal Kapoor

# 1
Door se dus pass se bus ... woh bhi DTC
She looks like a ten from far but looks a bus from near ... and that to of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
# 2
Woh obviously computer aur mobile jaanti hai, par roz mannat maangti hai ... kaam mein zimmedar hai, par sabse pehle pariwar hai ... woh sajhti bhi hai, savarti bhi hai, aankhen tezz taraar hai ... par uski muskaan uska sabse bada shringar hai ... honestly I tell you surat bhi hai, khoobsurat bhi hai ... woh Gorakhpur ki Geeta toh hai, par pal bhar mein Bombay ki bombshell bhi ban sakti hai
She obviously knows computer and mobile, but still she wishes everyday ... she is responsible in her work, but still family comes first ... she even dresses up, she even adorns, and has sharp eyes ... but her smile is her biggest enrichment ... honestly I tell you she also has a good face and she is also beautiful ... she is Geeta from Gorakhpur, but in a moment she can become a bombshell of Bombay
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