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Rajendra Nath

# 1
Teri tasveer mein tujhse bhi ek khoob nirali hai ... lipat lo jitna jee chahe, na gussa hai na gaali hai
Your photo has one good thing more than you ... you can embrace it how much ever you want, it doesn't get angry nor does it curse
# 2
Tum aa rahi ho zamane ki aankh se bachkar ... nazar jhukaye hue aur badan churaye hue ... khud apne kadamon ki aahat se jhebti, darti ... khud apne saaye ki jumbish se khauf khaye hue
You are coming hiding from the eyes of the world ... with your eyes staring down and stealing your body ... scared from the noise of your own footsteps ... and in fear from the shaking of your own shadow
# 3
Mashooq mere saath hai, boat mere haath hai ... dil mein armaan hai, jigar mein toofan hai
My love is with me, the boat is in my hands ... I have desires and a storm in my heart
# 4
Sharam yahan ka sabse anmol gehna hai
Shyness is the most precious ornament here
# 5
Jahan life partners badal sakte hain ... toh naam kyun nahi?
When one can change life partners ... then why not the name?
# 6
Yeh komal kali, naazon ki pali, misri ki gali ... hamare hi kul mein lagegi bhali
A delicate girl like her raised with affection, and who is a crystallized sugar lump ... will only look good in my family
# 7
Aaj bajegi shehnai, ghar mein aayegi lugai ... main tere baap ka banoonga jamai
Today the shehnai will play, a woman will come in the house ... and I'll become a live in son-in-law to your father
# 8
Itne saare grahak ... itne dino ke baad
So many customers ... after so many days
# 9
Aag, pani, thandi sadak, taad ka pedh ... thandi ka mausam, oon wali bedh
Fire, water, cold road, palm tree ... the winter season, a woolen blanket
# 10
Haqeeqat mein hum sab andar se skeleton yane panjar hi toh hai ... farak sirf itna hai ki kisi panjar par makhan si chikni aur mulayam coating hai ... aur kisi panjar par gendhe jaisi moti khaal chadi hui hai
In reality we are all skeletons and bones from inside ... the only difference is that on some people there is a smooth and slippery coating like that of butter ... and on some people there is a thick skin coating like that of a rhinoceros
# 11
Bhagwan aur chahe kuch banaye ... par aadmi ko pagal na banaye
God may make anything ... but he should not make a fool out of a person
# 12
Abhe oh tan-tambure ... barsaati kan-khajure!
Hey you musical instrument ... centipede from the rain!
# 13
Nazuki tere lab ki kya kahiye ... pankhadi ek gulaab ki si hai
What should I say about the softness of your lips ... it is like a petal of a rose flower
# 14
(Koi ladki tumse nahi takrai?) ... Takrai ... takrake gabrai, gabrake sharmai, upar se uski mummy chali aayi ... is liye ladki haath nahi aayi
(No girl bumped into you?) ... One did ... she got scared bumping into me, she felt shy being scared, and on top of that her mom came along ... that's why I couldn't get the girl
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