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Release Year - 2015
# 1
Yeh awaaz ek kutte ke mooh se bhi achchi lagegi
This voice will sound good even from a dog's mouth
# 2
Hai koi pani joh chadti hai whiskey ke bina ... pani needs whiskey ... whiskey mein zaroorat nahi kiski
Is there any water that intoxicates without whiskey ... water needs whiskey ... whiskey doesn't need anything
# 3
Mere paas botal hai, glass hai, pani hai, pyas hai, chakna hai, chicken hai ... par meri daru kiske paas hai yaar?
I have a bottle, a glass, water, thirst, snacks, chicken ... but who has my alcohol?
# 4
Jab hum kisi cheez ko bahut, bahut, bahut, bahut, bahut chahte hai na ... toh woh mil hi jaati hai
When we love something very much ... then we do get it eventually
# 5
Mujhse pehle zero, baad mein bhi zero ... bas beech mein hero ... kyun ki zero ke peeche ek hero hota hai
You were a zero before me, and will be a zero after me ... it's just that you are a hero in between ... because behind a zero there is a hero
# 6
Har partnership mein hamesha ek partner ka talent doosre partner se thoda zyada hota hai
In every partnership the talent of one partner is slightly more than the other one
# 7
Jab audio ki vajah se video chalta hai ... usko picture kaise bula sakte hai ... it is not picture, it is mixture
When a video runs based on it's audio ... then how can you call it a picture ... it's not a picture, it's a mixture
# 8
Mujhe apne talent se zyada apni chahat pe bharosa tha
I had more confidence on my passion than I had on my talent
# 9
Is desh ki sabse badi problem population nahi, bhrashtachar nahi, gareebi nahi ... is desh ki sabse badi problem hai baatein
The biggest problem of this country is not population, is not corruption, is not poverty ... the biggest problem of this country are the gossips
# 10
Sach is the world's most powerful idea!
Truth is the world's most powerful idea!
# 11
Mamuli aadmi jab bada banta hai toh bada banta hai ... lekin ek handicap aadmi jab bada banta hai toh legend ban jaata hai
When an ordinary person becomes big then he becomes big ... but when a handicap person becomes big then he becomes a legend
# 12
Ishq-e-phillum, junoon-e-phillum, dard-e-phillum, davaa hai phillum, dua hai phillam ... salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum
Films are my love, films are my passion, films cause pain, films themselves are the medicine, films are a blessing ... I salute to films, I salute to films, I salute to films
# 13
Jab pani whiskey ke bina badh sakta hai ... toh soch whiskey pani ke bina kitna chad sakti hai
When water can rise without whiskey ... then think how much can the whiskey intoxicate without water
# 14
Jao jake film industry se poocho ki woh hum mein dhoondne mein itne late kyun ho gaye ... jao jake duniya waalon se poocho ki woh hamari awaaz sunane mein itne late kyun ho gaye ... jao jake sapno se poocho ki woh sach hone mein itne late kyun ho gaye
Go and ask the film industry as to why was it so late in finding me ... go and ask the people of the world as to why were they so late in hearing my voice ... go and ask the dreams as to why were they so late in becoming a reality
# 15
Pyar ek aaisi faltu cheez hai jisse apna keemti waqt dene par bhi ... return mein ek second hand gadhi bhi nahi milti
Love is such a useless thing, which even after you give your precious time to it ... in return you don't even get a used watch
# 16
Whiskey suddenly stop karne se liver ko shock mein heart attack ho sakta hai ... so no whiskey very risky
If you suddenly stop whiskey then the liver can go in a shock and get a heart attack ... so no whiskey is very risky
# 17
Kyun ki desh apni khud ki tandurusti ki raksha nahi kar sakta ... mujh jaise aadmi ko keetanu mittane padte hai ... naam hai Lifeboy, kaam hai desh ki tandurusti
Since a country is not able to take care of it's own health by itself ... a person like me has to get rid of the insects ... my name is Lifeboy and my work is to take care of the country's health
# 18
Save it for the Friday in the theatre ... taali bajegi everyday and later
Save it for the Friday in the theatre ... there will be clapping everyday and later
# 19
Woh mera landlord hai ... insaan ko land se lord ke paas pahunchta hai
He is my landlord ... he takes a person from the land to the lord
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