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Indu Sarkar

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Emergency mein emotion nahi ... mere orders chalte hai
Emotions don't work in an emergency ... only my orders do
# 2
Arjun ke iraade hil sakte hai ... ghayal Draupadi ke nahi
The intentions of Arjun can shake ... but not those of wounded Draupadi
# 3
Ab is desh mein Gandhi ke maiyne badal chuke hai
Now the meaning of Gandhi has changed in this country
# 4
Sarkarein challenges se nahi ... chabuk se chalti hai
Governments don't run on challenges ... they run on whips
# 5
Yeh desh nahi jhukne wala, yeh desh nahi rukne wala ... ya bacha ho, ya budha ho azaadi se jeene wala ... woh Durga hai jisne dushman ko hai ghutne pe laa daala ... deti hai amrit deshwasi ko, khud peeti hai vish ka pyala ... yeh desh nahi jhukne wala, yeh desh nahi rukne wala
This country won't bow down, this country won't stop ... be it kids or elders, everyone will live with independence ... the one who brought the enemy on their feet is like Goddess Durga ... she gives the holy water to her fellow countrymen and she herself drinks the goblet of poison ... this country won't bow down, this country won't stop
# 6
Sachai ki mushkil yeh hai ki ... ek baar pata chal jaaye toh usse mooh nahi moda jaa sakta
The problem with truth is that ... once you come to know of it then you can't look away from it
# 7
Khushboo se chhalakti chandan si shaam aayi hai ... chahat ki dastaan dharti pe utar aayi hai ... maathe pe meri bindi chhuyi toh yoon laga tha ... haathon mein unke meri kismat ki rekha chhayi hai ... aadhi si raat teri, aadha sa chaand mera ... waqt ne kitni haseen ghazal sunai hai
A moonlit evening with fragrance has come alone ... the story of love has come down on earth ... when he touched the bindi on my forehead then I felt that ... my destiny lines have been stamped on his palms ... half the night is yours, half the moon is mine ... what a beautiful poetry has been recited by time
# 8
Aashiyana badalne se pata toh badal jaata hai ... lekin taqdeer nahi badalti
By changing your mansion, your address does change ... but it doesn't change your destiny
# 9
Kabhi hasta nahi, kabhi rota nahi ... yeh shehar awara kabhi sota nahi
It never laughs and it never cries ... this vagrant city never sleeps
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