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Release Year - 1982
# 1
Ek amir jab marta hai toh peeche sukh chain chhodkar jaata hai ... lekin ek gareeb jab marta hai toh dukh dard chhodkar jaata hai
When a rich person dies he leaves behind happiness and peace ... but when a poor person dies he leaves behind sadness and pain
# 2
Maante hai hum, hum gunehgaar hai ... sar jhukaye hai hum, aap sarkar hai ... apni baahon mein chupa lijiye humko ... sirf itni sazaa ke talabgar hai
I agree that I'm the culprit ... I'm bowing my head down, and you are the boss ... hide me in your arms ... I only desire for this punishment
# 3
Samay woh pal hai jis mein ek ajnabi se modh par ... udhar se aata ajnabi, idhar se aate ajnabi ko dekhkar ruk jaye ... aur sochne lage ki hum kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin pehle bhi mil chuke hai
Time is that moment when at a strange corner ... the stranger coming from there stops, when he sees the stranger coming from here ... and starts to think that we have met before at some place or the other
# 4
Paise se Mercedes khareedi ja sakti hai, makaan khareeda ja sakta hai, nursing home khareeda ja sakta hai ... zindagi ka har ek aaram khareeda ja sakta hai ... lekin dil nahi khareeda ja sakta hai
With money you can buy a Mercedes, you can buy a house, you can buy a nursing home ... you can buy every luxury of life ... but you can't buy a heart
# 5
Zindagi badi ajeeb cheez hai ... kabhi kabhi kisi se pehli bar milne par aaisa lagta hai, na jaane kitne dino se jaan pehchan hai ... aur koi koi aaise bhi hote hai joh sari zindagi ek saath rehne par bhi anjaane lagte hai
Life is such a strange thing ... sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, it feels as if we know them since days ... and there are some cases where you have lived your entire life together, but still it feels as if we are like strangers
# 6
Joh zindagi bhar doondha, woh paaya nahi ... aur joh paaya, usse chaha nahi
What I was looking for my entire life, I didn't get that ... and what I got, I didn't wish for that
# 7
Hamare mulk mein ek aadmi ko dus rupaiya ko gyarah rupaiya banane mein zindagi khap jaati hai ... lekin dus lakh ko gyarah lakh banana baayen haath ka khel hai
In our country it takes a person his entire life to turn 10 rupees into 11 rupees ... but turning 10 lakhs into 11 lakhs is very easy
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