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Gandhi to Hitler

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Woh insaan mahaan hai joh apne aap se sacha ho
A person who is truthful to himself is a great person
# 2
Main apne desh ke liye sar jhukane ki bajaye ... sar katana pasand karoonga
I will prefer to be beheaded for my country ... instead of bowing down my head for it
# 3
Yudh mein kisi bhi paksh ki jeet nahi hoti ... dono paksh kuch na kuch haarte hai
In a war no one side wins ... both sides do lose something or the other
# 4
Spandhanheen hriday mein josh naya barna hai aaj ... matra bhoomi ki parvarish ka karz ada karna hai aaj ... shaheedon ke lahu lohaan kadam pade jin rahon par ... un rahon par bankar phot kadamo tale bikharna hai aaj
We have to fill new passion in the vibrant heart ... today we have to pay the debt of our upbringing to our motherland ... the paths on which the martyr's have stepped their feet full of blood ... today we have to walk strong on those paths
# 5
Dushmano ke jism par karna nahi hum mein prahaar ... achook nishana saad karenge seedha unke dil par vaar ... satyagraha ke aage unko natmastak hona hi hoga ... chhod ke Bharat jayenge woh hokar bebas aur lachaar
We don't want to attack on the bodies of our enemies ... we want to take a good aim and attack on their hearts ... they will have to bow down in front of our insistence on truth ... and they will leave India when they become helpless and powerless
# 6
Aurat ka ek bar jab byah ho jaata hai na ... toh uska naya janam hota hai
Once a woman gets married ... then she is born again
# 7
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
# 8
Ahinsa ko hathyaar banakar dushmano se ladna chahiye
You should make nonviolence as your weapon and fight with your enemies
# 9
Ladai arms aur fuel se nahi ladi jaati ... ladai dimaag se ladi jaati hai
A battle is not fought with arms and fuel ... a battle is fought with the mind
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