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Black & White

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Apni nazar ussi raste pe honi chahiye ... joh aapko aapki manzil pe le jaye
You should keep your eyes on that path ... which takes you to your destination
# 2
Tofhe rishton ko mazboot karne ke liye diye jaate hai
Gifts are given to strengthen relationships
# 3
Is duniya mein sabse bada aadmi wahi hai jisna naam hai grahak ... aur us grahak ka na koi naam poochta hai, na imaan ... woh grahak na Hindu hai, na Musalman ... woh hai sirf har dhande ka Allah aur bhagwan
The biggest person in this world is called a customer ... and no one will ask a customer for his name, or his religion ... a customer is neither Hindu, nor a Muslim ... he is only the God of every business
# 4
Joh log khud par yakeen nahi karte ... woh kabhi jeet nahi sakte
Those who don't believe in themselves ... they can never win
# 5
Kisi masoom ka khoon karne se pehle, do second ke liye apne bachchon ke bare mein socho ... kabhi kisi ka khoon nahi kar paoge
Before killing someone innocent, thing about your children for two seconds ... you'll never be able to kill anyone
# 6
Main chala, main chala kabhi is dagar kabhi us dagar ... saath mere chale zindagi ka safar
I am walking sometimes here, sometimes there ... and walking along with me is the journey of life
# 7
Umar-e-daraaz maangkar laye the char din ... do aarzo mein kat gaye, do intezaar mein
I had requested four days from life ... two passed by in wishing, and two in waiting
# 8
Jise log kehte hai, Hindustan hai ... yahi apne khwabon ka pyara jahan hai ... kahi mazhabon ka yahan ek nishaan hai ... yeh Hindustan hai, yeh Hindustan hai, yeh Hindustan hai
What people call India ... it is a lovely country of our dreams ... there is a single sign of many religions here ... this is India, this is India, this is India
# 9
Joh maut se darta hai ... woh hamare liye khatra hai
The one who is scared of death ... is dangerous for us
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