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Release Year - 1992
# 1
Maana ki kismat ne hara diya hai dost, par itne toh gunehgar nahi hum ... mare ek sipahi ki maut, kya iske bhi haqdar nahi hum
I agree that I've lost due to luck, but I'm not such a culprit ... who doesn't even have the right to die a soldier's death
# 2
Bechkar imaan kamai daulat toh insaan kya ... namak khaya jis watan ka, ussi ka na hua toh Musalman kya
What good is a person who has made money by selling his honesty ... if you're not true to the country that gives you food, then you're not a Muslim
# 3
Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota!
Mr. Dong is never wrong!
# 4
Jisne dil pe zakhm khaye ho, woh is zakhm se kya gabrayega ... peeye ho jisne khoon ke aasoon, kya woh is khoon se mar jayega
The one whose heart is wounded, won't be scared of this wound ... the one who has drank tears of blood, won't die from this blood
# 5
Badalne waali hum cheez nahi ... arre hum mard hai, koi kameez nahi
I'm not someone who will change ... I'm a man and not a shirt
# 6
Apne matlab ke vaaste humne aasmano se kuch nahi maanga ... humne gulshan ki khair maangi hai koi takht-o-taj nahi maanga
I've never asked the sky anything for myself ... I've asked for good wishes of the garden and not some throne or crown
# 7
Jab jab koi Dong jaisa kamina apne napaak irradon ke liye ... aatankwad ki talwar lekar Hindustan mein tahalka machayega ... toh Hindustani sipahi bhi uske mulk mein jakar ... uske tahalke ka jawab ussi tahalke se denge
Whenever a rascal like Dong for his putrid intentions ... will use the sword of terrorism to create a sensation in India ... then even the Indian soldiers will go in his country ... and will create a sensation in response to his sensation
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