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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Aap logon ko bas peeth par vaar karna aata hai ... par hum Hindustaniyon ne kabhi peeth dikhana seekha hi nahi hai
You guys only know how to attack behind the back ... but we Indians have never learnt how to turn our backs to someone
# 2
Mashaal ek ho ya ek lakh ... sirf ek chingaari ki zaroorat hai usse jalane ke liye
Whether there is one or millions of torches ... you only need one spark to ignite them
# 3
Yeh lakeeran na badhi dheet hai ... mutthi mein toh band ho jaati hai par qaabu mein nahi aati
These palm lines are very stubborn ... you can enclose them in your fist but you can't control them
# 4
Na kar bandeya meri teri ... char dinan da phair hai duniya ... phir tu bhi mitti, main bhi mitti
Don't do yours and mine ... life is nothing but four days long ... after that we both will turn into dust
# 5
Begunah ko saza dena, begunah ko maut dena ... poori insaaniyat ko maut dena hai
To punish an innocent person, to give death to an innocent person ... is like giving death to the entire humanity
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