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Release Year - 2021
# 1
Agar main sharaab hota, gale se utarta, sir pe chadta ... har dil par mera raj hota ... har pyaas ka taj hota
If I were alcohol, then I would flow through the throat and intoxicate the mind ... I would rule over every heart ... I would wear the crown of every thirst
# 2
Sabse khoobsurat jhooth wohi log bolte hai joh hamesha sach bolte hai
The most beautiful lie is told by someone who always says the truth
# 3
Mere paas khone ke liye kuch nahi bacha ... tere paas bachane ke liye kuch nahi chhodunga
I don't have anything left to lose ... and I won't leave anything for you to save
# 4
Saanp ko doodh sirf Nag Panchami ke din hi pilaya jaata hai ... kisi aur din ghar mein gusse toh usse kuchla hi jaata hai
You feed milk to a snake only on the day of Naga Panchami ... if it enters the house on any other day, then you try kill it
# 5
Pyar ki dhadak beti ne suni thi ... pyar ki tadap baap jhelega
The daughter heard my heartbeat of love ... and her father will bear the yearning of love
# 6
Hamare zamane mein kaha karte the ki aashiq ke teen thikane hai ... kapde phatte, baal latte, aur chaurahe pe datte
In our days it was said that a lover has three signs ... ripped clothes, messy hair, and sitting idle on the crossroads
# 7
Agar main sharaab hota ... barf, soda, thanda pani, main sabka khaas hota ... gham mein chahe khushi mein main hi sabke paas hota
If I were alcohol ... then I'd be the favourite of ice, soda, cold water ... and I'd be with everyone in happiness and sadness
# 8
Galat kaam na pehle style mein hote hai, uske baad shauk mein, aur uske baad lat mein
Wrong deeds are first done as style, then as a hobby, and then as a habit
# 9
Mohabbat mazhab ho gayi hai mere liye ... ab haath jodon ya uthaun, farak nahi padta
Love has become religion for me ... now whether I join my hands in request or raise them to fight, it doesn't matter
# 10
Tum dimaag se nikalti hi nahi ho ... virus ki tarah ghus gayi ho andar ... har baat se tumhari baat nikalti hai ... shower ke garam paani se bhaamp badh gayi toh tumhari garam saans ki feel aati hai ... aur baarish huyi toh tumhare badan ki saundi khushboo yaad aati hai ... strawberry ki ek bite bhi loon na toh tumhari khatti meethi baatein yaad aati hai
I can't take you out of my mind ... you've entered like a virus ... every conversation leads to you ... when the steam increases in the hot shower then it gives me the feel of your warm breaths ... when it rains then it reminds me of the fragrance from your body ... when I take a single bite from a strawberry then it reminds me of your sweet and sour conversations
# 11
Dil ki sun, dil ki maan ... bhaad mein jaye duniya jahaan
Listen to your heart and do what it says ... to hell with the world
# 12
Hum dono ne decide kar liya hai ... ke hamare beech mein koi bhi teesra aa gaya ... toh uska chautha pakka
We both have decided that ... if a third person comes in between us ... then his fourth day death prayer is happening for sure
# 13
Sahi sahi bata scene kya hai ... Valentine wali date ya seedha Karwa Chauth celebrate
Tell me what's the scene ... is it a Valentine date or are you directly celebrating the fasting ritual for married people
# 14
Piyo toh hadh kardo ... varna program radh kardo
If you're drinking then cross the limits ... or else just cancel the program
# 15
Agar main sharaab hota ... dry day mera rest day hota ... happy hour mein best hota ... har boond mein meri aaram hota ... purana hoke bhi na kharaab hota
If I were alcohol ... then dry day would be my rest day ... I'd be the best in happy hour ... there would be peace in every drop of mine ... and I'd never go bad even after becoming old
# 16
Raajneeti mein seat jeetna joh hai woh bas pehla kadam hai ... bada aur mushkil kaam hai dil jeetna
In politics winning a seat is just the first step ... the bigger and more difficult step is to win the hearts
# 17
Jaldi jaldi mil, jaldi jaldi baat aage bada ... varna tu aansun pochta reh jayega aur lipstick koi aur poch jayega
Quickly meet her and quickly move the topic further ... or else you'll wipe your tears and someone else will wipe her lipstick
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