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Dolly Ki Doli

Release Year - 2015
# 1
Joh log social nahi hote woh social networking sites pe hote hai
People who are not social are found on social networking sites
# 2
Asal mein log joh karte hai, woh wohi kar sakte hai ... joh woh ho sakte hai, wohi woh hote hai
In reality what people do, they can only do that ... and what they can become, they are that only
# 3
Aa rahi hai woh haseen mohtarma jiske samne na chalta hai filmy duniya ka fashion ... aur naa hi chalta hai aap jaise deewano ka paisan
Coming up is a beautiful girl in front of whom the fashion of the film world doesn't have any value ... and neither does the money of people like you has any value
# 4
Biwiyan toh dono hi lootati hai ... jeevan bhar saath dene waali bhi aur agle din faraar hone waali bhi
Both kinds of wife's cost a lot ... the one who stays together for the entire life and the one who runs away the very next day
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