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Release Year - 1961
# 1
Zulm ka badla lene ka mauka zindagi mein ek baar har insaan ko milta hai
Everyone gets a chance in life to take revenge for injustice
# 2
Gareeb ameer ka farak sirf haisiyat se hi nahi ... dil se bhi hota hai
The difference between the poor and the rich is not only of the status ... but also of the heart
# 3
Bachpan mein tu jab rota tha tab log samajhte the ki tu sur mein gaa raha hai ... aur ab main jab gaata hoon toh log samajhte hai ki main ro raha hoon
In childhood when I used to cry then people used to think that I'm singing melodiously ... and now when I sing then people think that I'm crying
# 4
Ladke ko akal se aur ladki ko shakal se pehchana jaata hai
You recognize a guy with his mind and a girl with her face
# 5
Patta patta, boota boota haal hamara jaane hai ... jaane na jaane koi na jaane, haal toh saare jaane hai
Every leaf and every shrub knows about my state ... even though no one is aware, but still everyone knows about my state
# 6
Maqsad-e-ishq ka dekha hai nirala dastoor ... ki hum fail huye, jab humne sabak yaad kiya
I've seen a strange routine with the purpose of love ... that I've failed whenever I studied the lessons
# 7
Sache premi ka usool badla lena nahi ... qurbani karna hota hai
The principle of a true lover should not be to take revenge ... but it should be to sacrifice
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