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Vinay Pathak

# 1
Bande bike kyun chalate hai, macho dikhne ke liye ... jean kyun pehente hai, macho dikhne ke liye
Why do guys ride a bike, to look macho ... why do they wear jeans, to look macho
# 2
Bike ho ya ghar ... handle hamesha apne haath mein ... varna bhabhi kabhi izzat nahi karegi
Be it a bike or home ... one should always keep the handle in their hand ... or else my sister-in-law will never respect you
# 3
Chinta chitta ke samaan hoti hai
Worry is just like a funeral pyre
# 4
Aadmi chilata toh gale se hai lekin kharab kaan ho jaate hai
A person shouts from the mouth but the ears are the ones that go bad
# 5
Zyada chalaaki karne ki koshish ki na ... toh aaisa gayab kar doonga pahadon mein ki cheelon ko bhi khabar nahi hogi
Don't try to act smart ... or else I'll make you disappear in the mountains in a way that even the vultures won't be able to find you
# 6
Mazak jitna bhi badhda ho ... log uspe utna hi zyada haste hai
The more awful a joke is ... that much more people laugh on it
# 7
Purush ka asli sammaan uske ekagrah mein hai ... uske power of control mein hai
The real honour of a man lies in his focus ... in his power of control
# 8
Door jana hi hai toh paap se door jao ... paapi se door kyun jaate ho
If you want to go far then go far from the sin ... why are you going far from the sinner
# 9
Beer sharab ki choti behen hoti hai
Beer is a small sister of alcohol
# 10
Jab uparwaale ne teir kismat mein nimboo diya hai ... toh beta, uska nimboo sharbat bana na
When God has given you a lemon in your destiny ... then my son, make lemon juice from it
# 11
Duniya ussiko dabaati hai joh dabta hai
The world applies pressure on the person who gets pressurized
# 12
Dhanwan logon ke jeevan mein aaram toh hai ... lekin vishram nahi hai
Wealthy people have comforts in their life ... but they don't have relaxation
# 13
Ladai ladai maaf kar ... kutte ki tatti saaf kar
Let's forgive and not fight ... go and clean dog's poop
# 14
Jab badi machli ko phaasna hai toh pehle choti machli ko phaanso ... badi machli khud-ba-khud chali aayegi
When you want to catch a big fish then first catch a small fish ... the big fish will come by itself
# 15
Abhe tu chal ... bavasir ka phoda!
Move on ... you boil from piles!
# 16
Aadmi front page pe photo waali kahani zindagi bhar kya ... marne ke baad bhi suna sakta hai
A person can talk about his photo on the front page for life ... and also after he dies
# 17
Nobody forgets how to love ... even if love forgets them
Nobody forgets how to love ... even if love forgets them
# 18
Pyar pyar hota hai ... and we should all refuse to live without love
Love is love ... and we should all refuse to live without love
# 19
Desire is the root cause of all evil
Desire is the root cause of all evil
# 20
Joh aadmi apne aap mein jeeta hai ... woh finally apne aap se baatein bhi karta hai
A person who lives within himself ... finally starts talking to himself
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