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Bheja Fry

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Chinta chitta ke samaan hoti hai
Worry is just like a funeral pyre
# 2
Purush ka asli sammaan uske ekagrah mein hai ... uske power of control mein hai
The real honour of a man lies in his focus ... in his power of control
# 3
Tera gaana sunke toh behra bhi tujhe apne ghar se nikaal dega
Even a deaf person will throw you out of his house after listening to your song
# 4
Door jana hi hai toh paap se door jao ... paapi se door kyun jaate ho
If you want to go far then go far from the sin ... why are you going far from the sinner
# 5
Beer sharab ki choti behen hoti hai
Beer is a small sister of alcohol
# 6
Rab milaye jodi ... ek andha, ek kodi
God makes pairs ... one is blind and one is a leper
# 7
Abhe tu chal ... bavasir ka phoda!
Move on ... you boil from piles!
# 8
Desire is the root cause of all evil
Desire is the root cause of all evil
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