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Rati Agnihotri

# 1
Joh maa baap apne bachchon ke kyun aur kab ka jawab nahi de sakte ... woh kabhi unke dost bhi nahi ban sakte
Parents who cannot answer the whys and the whens of their children ... they can never become their friends
# 2
Doosra mauka hum mein upar waala nahi deta hai ... hum mein khud lena hota hai
God doesn't give us a second chance ... we ourselves have to take it
# 3
Mujhe zero ki nahi heeron ki ginti mein interest hai
I'm interested in counting diamonds and not zeroes
# 4
Hum kahan aaise ki soche koi ... tumne socha toh yeh ehsaan hua
I'm not so good that someone will think about me ... it's a favour that you thought about me
# 5
Pehli baar jana ki chudi bhari kalaiyon ka matlab suhaag hota hai ... pehli baar jana ki subah ghar se nikle mard ke lautte kadamo ki aahat sunane ki koshish ko intezar kehte hai ... pehli baar jana ki biwi kehlane se hi aurat ke jism mein rooh padti hai
For the first time I understood that a wrist full of bangles means to be married ... for the first time I understood that trying to listen to the footsteps of a man returning back home is called as waiting ... for the first time I understood that only when a woman is called a wife, a soul enters her body
# 6
Aurat ka dil bahut bada hota hai ... woh apne dil mein dukh, pareshaani, sab apne dil mein samaa leti hai
The heart of a woman is very big ... she can keep all the grief and problems contained in it
# 7
Main tumhe machli doon khane ke liye ... pet toh tumhara bhar jayega ... lekin agar main tumhe machli pakadna sikha doon ... toh zindagi bhar bhook se nahi tarsogi
If I give you a fish to eat ... then it'll fill your stomach ... but if I teach you how to catch a fish ... then you'll never go hungry in life
# 8
Acchai aur acche log ek roshni ki tarah hai ... apne aap mein hi ujaala hai ... kehne ki zaroorat nahi hoti ... dikh jaate hai
Goodness and good people are like the light ... they have brightness within themselves ... you don't have to say it ... you can just see it
# 9
Pyar karne waale kabhi naraz nahi hote ... sirf rooth jaate hai aur roothon ko manana padta hai
People in love can never be angry ... they simply get upset and you have to pacify those who are upset
# 10
Tension nahi lena chahiye ... apne husbands ko tension dena chahiye
You shouldn't take any tension ... you should give tension to your husband
# 11
Pati ghoda hota hai, us par lagaam lagana chahiye ... varna woh haath se nikal jaata hai
A husband is a horse, who must have a bit ... otherwise he will become unmanageable
# 12
Kuch log janam lekar apne liye naseeb le aate hai ... lekin Julie ka janam doosron ke liye naseeb tha
Some people bring their destiny with them when they're born ... but Julie's birth was destiny for others
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