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Manjari Phadnis

# 1
Kayi baar off-beat cheezein logon ko beat pe laati hai
Many times off-beat things bring a person in sync with the beat
# 2
Hosh nahi tha khoya abhi ... josh nahi tha soya abhi ... dil mein hausle the, aankhon mein sapne the, haath mein kalam thi ... zindagi ki dastaan abhi likhni baaki thi
I haven't lost my senses yet ... my passion is not asleep yet ... there were hopes in my heart, dreams in my eyes, a pen in my hand ... and I still had to write the story of my life
# 3
Qatra qatra saansein lee thi maine ... ek zindagi mein kayi zindagiyan jee thi maine ... khwaab khwaab dekhi zindagi ko ... aankh mein choli ki tarah khela tha maine ... agle modh par ek nayi zindagi thi ... uske intezar mein saansein thaam rakhi thi maine
I was breathing one bit at a time ... I had lived many lives in this one life ... I saw life as a dream ... I played hide and seek with it ... there was a new life on the next turn ... I was holding my breaths as I was waiting for it
# 4
Zindagi kabhi kabhi insaan ko umar se zyada umar daraz bana deti hai
Sometimes life gives a person more life than their age
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