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Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Agar husband pyar karne wala ho ... toh wife ke haathon se banaya hua khaana tasty hota hai
If the husband wants to make love ... then the food made by the wife tastes good
# 2
Agar ek husband apne wife ko na protect kare ... toh aaise insaan ke saath zindagi guzaarna ek sazaa hai
If a husband doesn't protect his wife ... then it is a punishment to spend your life with such a person
# 3
Aadmiyon ko jagah jagah ki thaali mein khaane ki aadat hoti hai
Men have the habit to eat from plates in different places
# 4
Har patni bidaai ke waqt rone ka dhong karti hai ... phir poori zindagi pati ko rulati hain
Every wife fakes crying when she gets married ... and then for the entire life she makes her husband cry
# 5
Galati doosro mein dhoonde ke bajai agar khud mein dhoondogi ... toh galat fehmi yoon door ho jayegi
If you look for the mistake inside you and not in others ... then your misunderstanding will go right away
# 6
Shartein business mein hoti hai ... ghar grihasti mein nahi
Conditions are placed in business ... not in household matters
# 7
Khushi aati nahi hai ... haasil ki jaati hai
Happiness does not come by itself ... one has to procure it
# 8
Ek baar joh biwi ke saamne jhuka ... samjho jhukta hi chala gaya
For once if you bow down before your wife ... then you will bow down forever
# 9
Jiske khud ke pyjama mein naada nahi hota ... woh doosre ke pyjama mein naada nahi daalta
One who does not have a string in his pajama ... he should not put a string in someone else's pajama
# 10
Aurat ka dil bahut bada hota hai ... woh apne dil mein dukh, pareshaani, sab apne dil mein samaa leti hai
The heart of a woman is very big ... she can keep all the grief and problems contained in it
# 11
Tension nahi lena chahiye ... apne husbands ko tension dena chahiye
You shouldn't take any tension ... you should give tension to your husband
# 12
Pati ghoda hota hai, us par lagaam lagana chahiye ... varna woh haath se nikal jaata hai
A husband is a horse, who must have a bit ... otherwise he will become unmanageable
# 13
Pati patni ke rishtey mein sorry aur thank you ki koi jagah nahi hoti
There is no space for sorry and thank you in a husband wife relationship
# 14
Pati usko bola jaata hai ... joh biwi ki pasand ko apna le, biwi ke lifestyle ke saath adjust kar le, biwi ki khushi ko apni khushi bana le
A husband is called a husband when ... he adopts what his wife likes, he adjusts to the lifestyle of his wife, and he makes the happiness of his wife his own happiness
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