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Shahrukh Khan

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# 261
Taash ke patton ki tarah hai zindagi ... jahan khel shuru hone se pehle, khiladiyon ke aane se bhi pehle ... kaun jeetega, kaun haarega ... iska faisla ho chuka hota hai
Life is like a pack of cards ... where before you start the game and even before the players come ... who will win and who will lose ... is already decided
# 262
Joker agar baazi bana sakta hai ... toh joker baazi bhigaad bhi sakta hai
If a joker can win the game ... then the joker can also destroy the game
# 263
Zindagi kaatni kise thi ... humein toh jeeni thi
I don't want to just spend my life ... I want to live it
# 264
Ghalib na mara tha, na mara hai, na marega ... kyun ki aashiq ka bachcha na sudhra hai, na sudhrega
The poet never died, is not dead and will not die ... because a lover has never changed and will never change
# 265
Ghode par bahetkar jaan ki baazi lagane mein woh maaza nahi ... joh chahat ke maidan mein dil ki baazi laga dene mein hai
Sitting on a horse and betting on life is not as much fun as ... being in the ground of love and betting on the heart
# 266
Pareshani aur takleefon se joh door ho, woh hum hai ... jiske sar par aapka haath ho, usse kya gham hai
I am a person who stays away from troubles and problems ... and the one who has your blessing has nothing to worry about
# 267
Haar tab hoti hai jab haar maan li jaye
You only lose when you accept defeat
# 268
Kisi ne uske khilaf mooh khola na toh ho jaati hai ladai ... style marne ke chakkar mein maine agar kabhi haath khol diye toh beta ho jaati hai pitai
If someone said anything against him then I found fight them ... and if I opened my arms with style then I would get beaten up
# 269
Jahan par dus log kaam karenga ... wahan pe ek na ek gaddar to zaroor niklenga
Where ten people work ... out there, there has to be at least one traitor
# 270
Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hai ... life bana dete hai
If I stand behind someone ... then I make their life great
# 271
Main tumse prem karta hoon, kewal tumse ... tumhare sivah na kuch chahta hoon, na kuch sochta hoon ... jabse tumko dekha hai sab badal sa gaya hai, main badal sa gaya hoon ... kuch samajh nahi aata ... na kehta toh pagal ho jaata
I love you and only you ... I don't want anything else other than you and neither do I think about anything else ... since I've seen you everything has changed, I've kind of changed ... I don't understand anything ... and I would have gone mad if I didn't tell you all this
# 272
Do kadam kya, sau kadam peeche hatt ja ... lekin aaj na tu apni maut se peecha chhuda sakta hai ... na maut ke saaye se
Not only 2 steps, you can even go back 100 steps ... but today you won't be able to run away from your death ... and neither from the shadow of death
# 273
Koi kisi ka nahi hota hai ... sab badal jaate hai ... sab chale jaate hai
No one stands up for anyone ... everyone changes ... everyone goes away
# 274
Pehle shaurat, baad mein aurat
First money, and then honey
# 275
Jitna dhokla, thepla te fafda khana hai khao ... par meri zindagi to jao
Eat as much snacks and fritters as you want ... but go away from my life
# 276
Pyar woh nasha hai jis mein chain kho jaata hai, hosh udh jaata hai, neend gayab ho jaati hai ... kisi ko milne ki, chune ki, kehne ki, sunne ki, kisi ko apna banane ki, kisi ka ho jaane ki khawaish hoti hai, jeene ko mann karta hai ... pyar woh andhrooni bahaar hai jis mein kalpana ke phool khilte hai, kavita ko sur milte hai, chahaton ke mele lagte hai, kisse mehakte hai, kah-kahe lagte hai, karaar milta hai ... pyar woh insaani karishma hai jis mein aane waale kal ko wajah milti hai, guzre hue kal ko wajood milta hai, anjaan logon ka dil milta hai, soone safar ko sahil milta hai
Love is that intoxication in which you lose your peace of mind, you lose your senses, your sleep disappears ... you wish to meet someone, touch someone, say to someone, listen to someone, make someone yours, to become of someone, and to live ... love is that incomplete spring season in which the flowers of imagination blossom, the poems get their tunes, the fairs of romance are set, the stories create a fragrance, laughing happens, and you get satisfaction ... love is that human magic in which the future gets a purpose, the past gets an existence, the hearts of strangers connect, and the lonely journey finds the destination
# 277
Agar maine chey goliyan chalai hai toh teri kismat ... aur agar maine paanch goliyan chalai hai toh meri kismat
If I have fired six bullets then it is your luck ... and if I have fired five bullets then it is my luck
# 278
Dil ki gali bahut choti hoti hai ... us mein yah toh paisa reh sakta hai, yah pyar
The lane of the heart is very small ... in it either money can stay, or love
# 279
Relationships utne hi complicated hote hai ... jitna tum unhe banana chahte ho
Relationships are complicated only to the extent ... to which we make them
# 280
Bade toh aap ban gaye ... lekin khud ke mamle mein zara chote reh gaye
You have become a big person ... but when it comes to personal matters, you're still small
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