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Shahrukh Khan

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# 241
Dil mein ghusne se pehle ladki log knock kaiko nahi karta hai re?
Why don't girls knock before entering the heart?
# 242
Zindagi ki har baat sirf sach yah jhoot nahin hoti
Everything in life is not only either true or false
# 243
Ladka hai, ladka hai Sir ... lekin Hindustani nahin hai
He is a boy, he is a boy Sir ... but not an Indian
# 244
Yudh ka ek hi niyam hota hai ... vijay!
War has only one rule ... victory!
# 245
Sirf bistar par saath mein sona hi ek biwi ka farz nahi hai ... mann se mann milna chahiye
Just sleeping together on the bed is not the only duty of a wife ... the heart must connect with the heart
# 246
Mohabbat aur jurrat kya cheez hai, yeh tu kya janega kasai ... yeh deewana bankar rahega, tumhara permanent jamai
What is love and dare, you won't know that butcher ... this crazy person will become your permanent son-in-law
# 247
Main joh bhi kaam karta hoon ... apni sharton pe hi karta hoon
Whatever work I do ... I only do it on my own terms
# 248
Mercedes chalane waale cycle chala rahe hai ... kis kis bahane dekho tumko mana rahe hai
People who drive Mercedes are riding a cycle ... they are trying to impress you for all sort of reasons
# 249
Main teri ek ek saans maut ke bazaar mein bechkar aaya hoon
I have sold every single breath of yours in the market of death
# 250
Meri shaadi mere sapne se ho chuki hai
I am married to my dream
# 251
Kahaniyon mein suna tha ki mohabbat mein aashiq chaand tak le aate hai ... saale ko humne yeh baat seriously le li
I had heard in stories that people bring the moon on earth for their love ... but I took that line seriously
# 252
Jab insaan nasha karko haivaan ban jaata ... toh haivaan nasha karko shaitaan hi banega na
When a human gets intoxicated he becomes a monster ... hence when a monster gets intoxicated he will obviously become a devil
# 253
Achche logon ke saath hamesha achcha hota hai
Good things always happen with good people
# 254
Tu is duniya mein first time aake itna nahi roya hoyenga ... jitna tu aaj is duniya se jaate time royenga
You wouldn't have cried so much when you came in this world the first time ... than what you will cry today while going from this world
# 255
Bhaage hamare dushman meri jaan, hum mein rukna hoga ... hamari mohabbat ke aage, in kamino ko jhukna hoga
Let our enemies run, we will stay ... these losers will have to bow down in front of our love
# 256
Apun to khud saala maut hai ... is liye aaj talak zindagi ka himmat nahi pada ... ki apun ko nazdeek se aakar dekhe
Bloody I am death myself ... that's why to date life does not have the courage ... to come and see me from near
# 257
Jab bhi hum muqabale mein dabne lagte hai ... tok hum ek hi cheez ka aadhaar lete hai ... sanskar, parampara
Whenever we are under pressure in a competition ... then we always say one thing ... culture, tradition
# 258
Hum sab ek doosre ko dosh de rahe hai ... jab ki sachchai yeh hai ki ... hum sab hi doshi hai
We all are blaming each other ... when the truth is that ... we all are culprits
# 259
Prem ek ghaav hai joh na jeene deta hai aur na marne deta hai
Love is a wound that doesn't let you live and neither let's you die
# 260
Hamara zikr toh har pal hua fasaane mein ... toh kya hua joh todhi der hui aane mein
I was remembered at every moment in the story ... so what if I was a little late in coming
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