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Shahrukh Khan

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# 221
Yeh zindagi nafrat ke liye bahut choti hai
This life is very short for hatred
# 222
Main nakaamyab hoon yeh sach hai .... par jaanti ho, is ghar mein mujhse bhi nakaamyab kya hai? ... hamara rishta ... hamari shaadi
It is true, I am unsuccessful ... but do you know, what is more unsuccessful in this house? ... our relationship ... our marriage
# 223
Is team ko sirf woh players chaiye jo pehle India ke liye khel rahe hain, India ... phir apni team mein apne saathiyon ke liye ... aur uske baad bhi agar thodi bahut jaan bach jaye toh apne liye ... state government ki naukri ya railway flat ke liye nahin
This team needs only players who are playing for India first, India ... then for their team mates ... and after that if a little life is left then for self ... not for a state government job or a railway flat
# 224
Sirf ghar se bahar jaane waali aurat badchalan nahi hoti ... ghar ki baatein charon taraf bahar karne waali aurat bhi badchalan hoti hai
Not only a woman who stays out of the house is characterless ... but also a woman who gossips about the house everywhere outside is also characterless
# 225
Har insaan ko zindagi mein kisi na kisi cheez ki khoj hai ... kisi ko naam ki khoj hai ... kisi ko mukaam ki khoj hai ... kisi ko khoj hai daulat aur shohrat ki
In life, every person is looking for something or the other ... someone is looking for a name ... someone is looking for a destination ... and someone is looking for money, wealth
# 226
Joh maza apni pehchaan ke saath jeene mein hai ... woh kisi doosre ki parchai banne mein nahi
The enjoyment that you get in living with your own identity ... you don't get that in living as someone else's shadow
# 227
Unhe mat bhulo, joh tumhe tab jaante the jab tum kuch nahi the ... kyunki bas yeh hi hai, joh tumhe hamesha sach bolenge
Don't forget those, who knew you when you were nothing ... because only these people, will tell you the truth always
# 228
Main kisi se advice nahi leta ... lekin doosron ko advice dene ke liye hamesha tayaar rehta hoon
I don't take advice from anyone ... but I am always ready to give advice to others
# 229
Mann se Raavan joh nikale ... Ram uske mann mein hai
Ram lives in the heart of one ... who removes Raavan out from their heart
# 230
Mere dil mein toh sirf tum hi tum ho ... lekin tumhare dil mein main hoon ya nahi ... main nahi jaanta
It's just you and only you in my heart ... but whether I'm there in your heart or not ... I don't know that
# 231
Achche insaan hamesha achche kaam karte hai
Good people always do good things
# 232
Joh kuch bhi usne kiya ... maine apni life mein cut, copy, paste kiya ... bas farak itna hai udhar woh star bana aur main uska fan
Whatever he did ... I simply cut, copied, pasted that in my life ... the only difference is that he became a star there and I became his fan
# 233
Tune mujhe power of attorney nahi ... apni taqdeer ka woh kohra panna de diya hai ... jis par main jab chahoon teri barbadi ka ithihaas likh sakta hoon
You haven't given me the power of attorney ... you've given me a blank paper of your destiny ... on which whenever I want, I can write the history of your destruction
# 234
Yeh business waale kisike dost nahi hote ... yeh sirf paise ke dost hote hai
These businessmen are not friends with anyone ... they are only friends with money
# 235
Main aaisa game banaonga ... jis mein villain kabhi nahin harega
I will make such a game ... in which a villain never loses
# 236
Akal ke saamne shakal haari jaati hai ... shakal ki nakal toh kar sakte hai ... lekin akal ki nakal bhi nakli hoti hai
The face always loses to the mind ... you can imitate a face ... but even the imitation of a mind looks false
# 237
Pyar mein jab tak maut se na khelo ... milne waali zindagi ka mazaa nahi aata
In love until you play with death ... there is no fun with the life that you get
# 238
Joh maidan mein ghutne tek de woh dosti karne ke kabil nahi re
One who gives up on the ground is not worth being a friend
# 239
Yudh ka ek hi niyam hota hai ... vijay!
War has only one rule ... victory!
# 240
Battery nahi bolneka!
Don't call me as the one with glasses!
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