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C.I.D. (1990)

Release Year - 1990
# 1
Aurat aur sharab ka mila-jula nasha aaisa nasha hai ki ... bade bade sultan barbad ho gaye
The combined intoxication of women and alcohol is such that ... even the best of the best rulers have got ruined
# 2
Yeh chor aur police ki joh dosti hoti hai na badi mushkil se hoti hai ... aur jab hoti hai toh atoot hoti hai
The friendship between thieves and police is very hard to happen ... but when it happens then it is unbreakable
# 3
Tumhe kho diya hai paane ke baad ... teri yaad aayi tere jaane ke baad
I lost you after achieving you ... and I remembered you after you left
# 4
Aurat, aag aur sharab mard ke bas mein hi ho toh achcha hota hai ... mard inke bas mein ho, inka ghulam ban jaye ... toh yeh usse jala dalti hai
It's good if a man has control over women, fire and alcohol ... but if a man is under their control and he becomes their slave ... then they burn him
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