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Govind Namdeo

# 1
Yahan main hi vaakil hoon, main hi judge hoon aur main hi jallad
Here I am the lawyer, I am the judge and I am the executioner
# 2
Ek baar zabaan dene ke baad agar kal ko kuch ho gaya na ... toh main teri zabaan kheench loonga ... phir tu kisiko jaan toh de payega, lekin zabaan nahi de payega
If something happens tomorrow after you promise ... then I will snatch your tongue ... and then you will be able to give your life to someone, but not your promise
# 3
Thakur waqt ke hisaab se nahi chalte ... waqt Thakur ke hisaab se chalta hai
The lord doesn't move according to time ... time moves according to the lord
# 4
Soch hamesha achchi hoti hai ... matlab badal jaata hai
Intentions are always good ... it's just that they are misunderstood
# 5
Hum joh kahenge woh aadesh hoga ... hum joh banayenge woh kanoon hoga
Whatever I say it will be an order ... and whatever I make it will be the law
# 6
Hindustan mein logon ko development nahi ... entertainment chahiye
In India people don't need development ... they need entertainment
# 7
Jodhenge todhenge, ladenge ladwaenge, dal banayenge bhigadenge ... par ek roz hi kursi par bahetke dikhayenge
We will make and break, we will fight and get people to fight, we will make a party and break it ... but one day I will sit on this chair and show you
# 8
Koi bhi criminal innocent nahi hota
No criminal is innocent
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