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Manoj Joshi

# 1
Super fast ladki ho ya super fast gaadi ... tumhe dekh ke top gear mein aa jati hai
Be it a super fast girl or a super fast car ... seeing you they get into the top gear
# 2
Do tarah ke log hote hai ... ek woh joh pehle kamate hai, baad mein party karte hai ... aur doosre woh joh party karne ke baad, bill chukane ke liye gadhe jaisi mehnat karte hai
There are two types of people ... first those who earn money first and then party ... and second those who after partying, work like a donkey to pay the bills
# 3
Paisa hi sach hai
Money is truth
# 4
Poore bheje ka bhurji aur shareer ka shrikhand bana daala iske
They scrambled his whole brain and made a desert from his body
# 5
Upar waale ne isse dharti par bheja hi is liye hai ... taaki yeh dharti ka bhoj bada sake ... aur yeh maatha is liye diya hai ... taaki hamare maathe par yeh kalank laga sake
God has sent him on the earth ... so that he can increase the load on the earth ... and has given him a brain ... so that he can spoil our name
# 6
Maut, mausam, machchar aur mantri ka kya bharosa
Death, weather, mosquito and politician cannot be trusted
# 7
Unko khuda mile jinko hai khuda ki talaash ... mujhko apna hissa mile, bas baat khallas
People who are looking for god, may find god ... and I should get my share, that's about it
# 8
Zindagi bhar itna make-up lagaya hai ki tumhara original chehra kaunsa hai, yeh bhool gaya hoon main
You've applied so much make-up for your entire life, that I've forgotten how your original face looks like
# 9
Pehle socho, samjho, usse tolo aur phir bolo
First think about it, understand it, weigh it and then talk about it
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