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Release Year - 2005
# 1
Fayde ke liye ki gayi dosti ... sirf ghaata deti hai
Friendship that is done for profit ... can only give a loss
# 2
Har kisi ka ek sapna hota hai ... par joh apne sapne doosro ke aasoonyo se poore karte hai ... unke sapne bhi aasoon ban jaate hai
Everyone has a dream ... but the people who fulfill their dreams with the tears of others ... even their dreams turn into tears
# 3
Jaise hawa aur roshni ke aava gaman ke liye ghar mein khidki hoti hai ... ussi prakaar shareer mein hawa aur pani ke aava gaman ke liye dhoti hoti hai
Just like there is a window in the house so that wind and light can come and go ... just like that for the coming and going of wind and water in a body, we have loincloth
# 4
Duniya ko kuch dene ki shakti sirf achchai mein hai ... kyun ki burai sirf cheenna aur lootna jaanti hai
Only goodness has the power to give something to the world ... because evilness only knows how to snatch and steal
# 5
Unko khuda mile jinko hai khuda ki talaash ... mujhko apna hissa mile, bas baat khallas
People who are looking for god, may find god ... and I should get my share, that's about it
# 6
Sapne unhi ke sach hote hai ... joh apni bhalai ke saath doosro ka bhi bhala chahein
People who want the betterment of others along with theirs ... only their dreams come true
# 7
Haath mein hai heeron ka haar ... aur hum dhoond rahe hai Zaveri Bazaar
We have a diamond necklace in the hand ... and we are looking for Zaveri Bazaar (jewellery market)
# 8
Pehle socho, samjho, usse tolo aur phir bolo
First think about it, understand it, weigh it and then talk about it
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