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Jhootha Kahin Ka

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Subah ka bhoola agar shaam ko laute toh usse bhoola nahi kehte ... par shaam ka bhoola agar subah laute toh usse doodh ka dhoola bhi toh nahi kehte
If one realizes his mistake and mends it later, then he's no longer wrong ... but if someone leaves in the evening and returns in the morning then he's not called a good person
# 2
Saala jitna tumhara shakal badsoorat hai utna tumhara aatma kaala hai ... itna kaala ki jab tumhara shareer se tumhara aatma niklega toh surya grahan padh jayega
Your soul is black just like your ugly face ... it's so black that when your soul will leave your body then there'll be a solar eclipse
# 3
Aaj kal doston ke beech mein jhappiyan gayi ... pappiyan chal rahi hai
Nowadays friends don't give hugs to each other ... they give kisses to each other
# 4
Mann mein jab jhol ho aur chaddi mein hole ho ... toh aap jitna bhi beparwah ghoomo ... duniya ko sab dikh hi raha hota hai
When you have something evil in your heart and when you have a hole in your underwear ... then no matter how carefree you roam around ... the world can see everything
# 5
Handsome logon ko bhagwan fursat mein banata hai ... tumko khunas mein banaya hoga
God creates handsome people when he's at peace ... but he must have created you when he was angry
# 6
(Didi ki muskaan achhi nahi lagi aapko kabhi) - Jahan inke dimple padte hai na ... teri didi ke wahan pimple rehte the
(You never liked the smile of my sister) - The place where this woman forms her dimples ... over there your sister had pimples
# 7
Khud ka shakal bulldog jaisa hai, humko dog bula raha hai
Your face is like that of a bulldog and you're calling me a dog
# 8
Zindagi bhar itna make-up lagaya hai ki tumhara original chehra kaunsa hai, yeh bhool gaya hoon main
You've applied so much make-up for your entire life, that I've forgotten how your original face looks like
# 9
Shaadi patane ka fayda nahi ... shaadi patane ki saza hoti hai
Marriage is not a benefit for impressing a woman ... marriage is a punishment for impressing a woman
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