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Har Har Mahadev

Release Year - 1974
# 1
Pahadon se bhid jaane par bhi hridhay utna dukhi nahi hota ... jitna swabhimaan ko thes lagne par hota hai
Even on fighting against the mountains the heart doesn't feel that sad ... as much as it does when your self-respect gets hurt
# 2
Kroadh ko hi tej manne waala tejasvi nahi ... usse jeetne waala tejasvi aur shaktishali hota hai
The one who believes that only anger is great, is not smart ... the one who wins over it, is smart and strong
# 3
Sansaar mein gangajal se paap dhone ke saath saath ... punya ki bhi dhaara bahao
In this world, along with rinsing your sins in the water of river Ganges ... also do some good deeds
# 4
Pran dene se paap ka anth nahi hota ... punya ke prabhav se hota hai
Sins don't end by ending your life ... they end with the effects of virtue
# 5
Agyaanta mein kiye gaye paap ... shama ke yog hote hai aur punya phaldayak
The sins that are done in an unaware state ... are eligible for forgiveness and the good deeds are fruitful
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