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Madam Chief Minister

Release Year - 2021
# 1
Yeh woh pradesh hai jahan joh metro banata hai woh chunaav haarta hai ... aur joh mandir banwata hai wohi jeet'ta hai
This is a state where the one who builds the metro train loses the election ... and the one who builds a temple wins
# 2
Main shaadi shuda hoon ... par kismat ki maari hoon ... magar apne baap ki janni nahi joh jhooth bolun ... main aaj bhi tumhari hoon
I'm married ... but my destiny has been hard on me ... if I'm lying then I'm not a daughter of my father ... and even today I belong to you all
# 3
Joh na karta tumse pyar ... usko maaro jootey char
The one who doesn't love you ... hit that person with shoes
# 4
Rajneeti mein jab apno ka samarthan khone lago ... toh padh tyaag dene mein hi bhalai hai
In politics once you start losing your supporters ... then it's better to simply resign from the position
# 5
Main kunwari hoon ... tezz kataari hoon ... par main tumhari hoon
I'm a bachelorette ... I'm fast and sharp ... but I belong to you all
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