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Jabariya Jodi

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Bihar mein teen tarah se jodiyan banti hai babu ... himmat walo ki arranged jodi ... kismat walo ki love jodi ... aur dahej ke lalchiyon ki jabariya jodi
In Bihar you'll find three types of couples ... an arranged marriage couple who have the courage ... a love marriage couple who are lucky ... and a forced marriage couple who are greedy for dowry
# 2
Rukavat ke liye khed hai ... tumhara kidnap prepaid hai
I'm sorry for the interruption ... but your kidnap has been prepaid
# 3
Mohabbat ki bebasi ko kah kahe mere dost ... ki baanh mein koi aur hai aur chah mein koi aur
My friend, how should I describe the helplessness that comes with love ... someone is there in my arms and I love someone else
# 4
Woh jaa rahi thi humse door kuch is qadar ... jaise saansein chhodkar zindagi jaa rahi ho
She was going far from me in such a manner ... as if my breaths were leaving my life
# 5
Aisa shakal, zyada akal aur faltu ka dhakal dene walo ka hum sirf shradh karate hai
Those who have an ugly face, those who think they know everything, and those who interfere for no reason, I only pray for their soul to rest in peace
# 6
Kisi se itna mat darro ki khud hi ke liye izzat khatam ho jaye ... kya hai na, kuch rishton mein na izzat aur darr ke beech ka farak pata nahi chalta
Don't fear so much that you lose respect for yourself ... because in some relationships it's hard to differentiate between respect and fear
# 7
Emotion ke loose motion lag gaye hai
Your emotions are having a loose motion
# 8
Paan banaye ho ki Japan banaye ho ... itna chota
Is this a paan or Japan ... it's so small
# 9
Duniya tikka hai siddhanto par ... par chalta settlement se hi hai
The world believes in principals ... but it works only on settlements
# 10
Dil toot gaya saansein gayi tham ... meri zindagi kuch barbaad si hai ... dil toot gaya toh kya ... woh khush hai khushi is baat ki hai
My heart is broken and my breaths have paused ... my life has been destroyed ... so what if my heart is broken ... I'm just happy that she's happy
# 11
Dil chota na ki jiye ... chota chota li jiye
Don't be so sad ... take a small drink of alcohol
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