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Marne Bhi Do Yaaron

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Main samay hoon ... main dard nahi, dawa bhi nahi ... main khuda nahi, duaa bhi nahi ... yaaron mujhse darna nahi ... aur waqt se pehle kabhi marna nahi
I'm time ... I'm not pain and neither a medicine ... I'm not god and neither a prayer ... friends don't be scared of me ... and never die before the time of your death
# 2
Waqt ek parinda hai ... aur woh us hi ke saath hai joh zinda hai
Time is a bird ... and it's only on the side of someone who is alive
# 3
Apne desh ki chitti ho ya mitti ho ... dono ko hi dekhkar bada sukoon milta hai
Be it a letter or the soil from your country ... you find peace when you see any of them
# 4
Aadmi chahe kitni bhi oonchaiyon par pahunch jaaye na ... lekin raaste pairon ke neeche hote hai
No matter what heights a person reaches ... but his paths are always under his footsteps
# 5
Main yoon hi logon ki kismat aazmata hoon ... waqt hoon na, waqt par hi aata hoon
I test peoples destiny just like this ... since I'm time, I always come on time only
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