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# 81
Sikka tumhara par baazi meri
The coin is yours but the game is mine
# 82
Tumhara face football se tennis ball kyun ban gaya?
Why did your face turn from a football into a tennis ball?
# 83
Mil gaya mauka ... maar de chauka
You've got a chance ... make the most out of it
# 84
Jab yeh haath kisi par desi tarike se padta hai na ... toh aadmi gendh ki tarah boundary se nahi ... stadium se bahar chala jaata hai
When this hand falls on someone in the Indian style ... then that person flies like a ball not only behind the boundary ... but also out of the stadium
# 85
Haan main cheating karta tha, par sirf khel mein ... tune toh zindagi ko khel samajh ke mujhe cheat kar diya
Yes I used to cheat, but only in a game ... but you've cheated me by considering life as a game
# 86
Abhe shuttlecock ke chitre
Hey you feather of a shuttlecock
# 87
Agar shatranj ki baazi jeetni ho ... toh usse dus dimaag se nahi, ek dimaag se khelna chahiye
If you want to win the game of chess ... then play it with one brain, and with not 10 brains
# 88
Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye ... fashion designer nanga nahaye ... Jayasuriya Sri Lanka jaye
A family member ruins his own house ... a fashion designer bathes nude ... and Jayasuriya goes to Sri Lanka
# 89
Zindagi football game se kam thodi hai .... problems ko tackle karo, darr ko block karo, goal ko score karo ... that's life
Life is nothing less than a football game ... tackle your problems, block your fear, and score your goal ... that's life
# 90
Khel wahi khelna chahiye ... jis mein jeet pakki ho
You should only play the game ... in which you are sure to win
# 91
Aye Brian Lara ... chal ho ja nau do gyarah
Hey you Brian Lara ... go away from here
# 92
Yeh khel teri zindagi ka aakhri khel hoga ... aakhri khel
This game will be the last game of your life ... last game
# 93
Royega toh tu, jab khelenge hum hu tu tu ... aur thukenge tere mooh par thu thu thu
You will cry when we play Kabaddi ... and we will spit on your face
# 94
India ko ek karane mein cricket aur Chitrahaar ko sara credit jaata hai
Cricket and Chitrahaar (songs show) get the entire credit to unite India
# 95
Shatranj ki chaal kabhi adhoori nahi chhodte
You should never leave a ploy in chess incomplete
# 96
Joh zyada aage chalta hai usse yeh pata nahi chalta ... ki kab uske peeche poori game palat gayi ho
One who walks ahead a lot does not know ... when the whole game changes behind him
# 97
Mere baba hamesha mujhse kehte the ... ke tumne zindagi mein cricket ko chuna hai, yeh ek baat hai ... lekin aakhir tak joh baat tumhare saath rahegi ... woh yeh hogi ki tum insaan kaise ho
My father always used told me ... it's one thing that you've chosen to play cricket in life ... but the thing that will remain with you for life ... will be the fact that, what kind of a person you are
# 98
To win matches you have to take great catches
To win matches you have to take great catches
# 99
Asli khel wahi hai jis mein aakhir tak pata na chale ... ki jeet kiski hogi
A real game is the one in which until the end you don't know ... that who is going to win
# 100
Yeh dimaag ka khel hai joh dil se khela jaata hai
This is a game of the mind that is played from the heart
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