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# 61
Aage aike ghumavat hai ... ab aa, aa, aa
You're coming forward and swinging ... now come, come, come
# 62
Jis din kabaddi kabaddi khelte huye tere paale mein ghusunga ... teri izzat ke saath saath teri pehchaan ko bhi hawa mein uchaal dunga
The day I enter your side while playing kabaddi against you ... that day I'll toss your respect and your identity up in the air
# 63
Medal laane ke liye support koi na deta ... par medal na mile toh gaali sab dete hai
No one supports you to get a medal ... but when you don't win a medal then everyone curses you
# 64
Khel koi bhi ho ... hum gareeb log ya toh jeette hai ... ya seekhte hai ... haarte kabhi nahi
No matter what the game is ... we poor people either win it ... or learn from it ... but we never lose
# 65
Har chamakti cheez sona nahi hota ... har footballer Maradona nahi hota ... har sabun Rexona nahi hota
Everything that shines is not gold ... every footballer is not Maradona ... and every soap in not Rexona
# 66
Insaan anubhav se hi toh seekhta hai ... first play along the game and then decide how to play the game
A man learns only by experience ... first play along the game and then decide how to play the game
# 67
Record 100 par banta hai ... 99 par koi taali nahi bajata
A record is made when you score 100 runs ... no one claps for 99 runs
# 68
Agar pyada badshah ke saath ladega ... toh bahut buri maut marega
If a pawn will fight against the king ... then it will die a very dreadful death
# 69
Apna life full saanp seedi ka board hai ... kabhi up toh kabhi down
My life is like the board of a snakes and ladders game ... sometimes it goes up and sometimes it comes down
# 70
Daud mein haar uski nahi hoti joh phisal jaata hai ... haar uski hoti hai joh phisalkar nahi uthta
The one who falls in a race doesn't lose ... the one who falls and doesn't get up loses
# 71
Asli wrestler woh nahi hota joh medal uthaye ... asli wrestler woh hota hai joh zindagi se lade aur usse haraye
A real wrestler is not someone who lifts the medal ... a real wrestler is someone who fights with his life and defeats it
# 72
Ek boxer ka sabsa bada dushman hai reham ... joh tumhara opponent tumpar kabhi nahi karega
The biggest enemy of a boxer is his mercy ... which your opponent will never do on you
# 73
Hum sirf khelne ke liye nahin ... jeetne ke liye aaye hain
We have come not only to play ... but to win
# 74
Cricket mein player nahi ... uska bat bolta hai
In cricket the player doesn't talk ... his bat does
# 75
Khel chahe koi bhi ho ... jeetna aana chahiye
No matter what the game is ... you should know how to win
# 76
Cricket ho ya pyar ... agar timing sahi nahi hai toh kuch nahi hai
Be it cricket or love ... if your timing is not right then nothing is right
# 77
Is game mein koi lifeline nahi hogi
There won't be any lifeline in this game
# 78
Wrestling koi khel nahi hai ... yeh woh dangal hai joh insaan apni zindagi mein apne aap se ladta hai
Wrestling is not a sport ... it's a battle that a person fights in his life with himself
# 79
Khel mein toh haar jeet lagi rehti hai ... afsoos woh karte hai jinka khel khatam ho gaya ho
Winning and losing is part of the game ... but only those people repent whose game is over
# 80
Jab bhi hum koi khel khelte hai ... toh saare mohron ko apni ungliyon par nachate hai
Whenver I play any game ... I make all the pawns dance on my fingers
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