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MSG: The Messenger

Release Year - 2015
# 1
Koi hum mein sant kehta hai, koi kehta hai farishta, koi kehta hai guru, toh koi kehta hai bhagwan ... lekin hum toh hai sirf ek insaan
Some call me a saint, some call me an angel, some call me a teacher, and some call me god ... but I'm just a human
# 2
Hum aaise baap hai joh dushmanon ke liye akele hi kaafi hai
I'm such a father who is himself more than enough for the enemies
# 3
Hum mein maarna apne aap ko maarne ke barabar hai
Killing me is the equivalent of killing yourself
# 4
Agar desh mein srishti ke seva karna paap hai ... toh yeh paap hum aakhri saans tak karte rahenge
If it's a sin in the country to serve the universe ... then I'll commit this sin till my last breathe
# 5
Insaan ki pehchaan kapdon se nahi ... karam jogi aur gyan jogi hone se hoti hai
A person is not valued by his clothes ... he is valued by his deeds and his knowledge
# 6
Ho prithvi saaf ... mitte rog abhishaap!
Clean planet earth ... to remove diseases and curses!
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