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Tumse Achha Kaun Hai

Release Year - 1969
# 1
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maharashtra ... Bangal ho ke Hyderabad ... Hindustan ke hum hai ... Hindustan hamara
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maharashtra ... be it Bengal or Hyderabad ... we belong to India ... and India is ours
# 2
Ladki khandan ki ek band mutthi hai ... jab tak yeh mutthi band hai sharafat, sharafat hai ... jis din yeh mutthi khul gayi ... ek shareef ladki aur ek bazaari aurat mein koi farak nahi
A woman is like a closed fist of a family ... as long as the fist is closed till then decency is decency ... the day the fist opens up ... that day there will be no difference between a decent girl and a prostitute
# 3
Zevar utaarkar phir se pehne ja sakte hai ... lekin ghar ki izzat woh zevar hai joh ek baar utar gayi toh phir nahi pehni ja sakti
You can remove jewellery and wear it again ... but the respect of the house is that jewellery which can't be worn again once it has been removed
# 4
Apne liye zinda rehna sirf zindagi hai ... aur doosron ke liye zinda rehna sirf zindagi hi nahi ... balki ibaadat hai, bhakti hai
Living for yourself is only life ... but living for others is not just life ... infact it's worship, it's devotion
# 5
Sachai se kahin zyada kabhi kabhi masoom sa jhoot dil ko bada baahta hai
Sometimes an innocent lie appeals more to the heart than the truth
# 6
Agar koi jawan potti jawan potte ko maarengi toh ... potta mar jayenga lekin potte ka dil joh hai fadhakta rahenga ... fatafat-fhat fatafat-fhat
If a young girl hits a young guy ... then the guy will die but his heart will keep on beating ... beating and beating
# 7
Agar ek biwi chali gayi toh doosri biwi mil sakti hai ... chattees saas sasure mil sakte hai ... magar ek sacha dost nahi mil sakta hai
If a wife leaves then you can get another one ... you can get 36 in-laws ... but you can't find a true friend
# 8
Dawa khali shareer ke hadh tak asar karti hai ... magar dua dil ke gehraiyon se hoti hui bhagwan tak pahunch jaati hai
A medicine only affects to the limits of the body ... but prayers reach from the depth of the heart all the way to God
# 9
Yeh desh ek ghar aur tamaam sube uski mili-jhuli deewarein ... agar yeh deewarein alag alag ho jaye ... toh chhat, chhat nahi rahegi ... dar, dar nahi rahega ... ghar, ghar nahi rahega
This country is a house and all the states are its connected walls ... if these walls separate ... then the roof won't be a roof ... the door won't be a door ... the house won't be a house
# 10
Main all in one hoon ... main driver ka motor hoon ... main coach van ka ghoda hoon ... mail maali ka bhageecha hoon ... main kitchen ka bawarchi hoon
I'm all in one ... I'm a motor of a driver ... I'm a horse of a coach van ... I'm a garden of a gardener ... I'm a cook of a kitchen
# 11
Talwar ka zakhm bhar jaata hai ... lekin zubaan ka zakhm nahi bharta
The wound from a sword heals ... but the wound from words does not heal
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