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Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Ka

Naya Daur (1957)

Lyrics Translation
O o o ... o o oO o o ... o o o
Yeh desh hai veer jawanon ka, albelon ka, mastanon kaThis country has brave young men who are carefree
Is desh ka yaaron hoyeFriends, this country
Is desh ka yaaron kya kehnaFriends, this country is great
Yeh desh hai duniya ka gehnaThis country is an ornament of the world

O o o ... o o oO o o ... o o o
Yahan chaudi chaati veeron kiHere the courageous people have a brave heart
Yahan bholi shakalein heeron kiHere the women have an innocent face
Yahan gaate hai ranjhe hoyeHere the lovers sing
Yahan gaate hai ranjhe masti meinHere the lovers sing in joy
Machti hai dhoomein basti meinThere are gatherings in the colony

O o o ... o o oO o o ... o o o
Pedhon pe bahaarein jhoolon kiThere are swings of spring on the trees
Raahon mein kataarein phoolon kiThere are flowers lined up in the paths
Yahan hasta hai saawan hoyeHere the rainy season smiles
Yahan hasta hai saawan baalon meinHere the rainy season smiles in the tresses
Khilti hai kaliyan gaalon meinThe flowers blossom on the cheeks

O o o ... o o oO o o ... o o o
Kahin dangal shok jawanon keSomewhere the young are wrestling
Kahin kartab teer kamanon keSomewhere there's a talent show of archery
Yahan nit nit mele hoyeHere there are carnivals
Yahan nit nit mele sajte haiHere there are carnivals adorned all around
Nit dhol aur taashe bajte haiWhere the drums and music are playing

O o o ... o o oO o o ... o o o
Dilbar ke liye dildaar hai humI'm a lover for my beloved
Dushman ke liye talwaar hai humI'm a sword for my enemy
Maindan mein agar humIf I step my foot on the battlefield
Maindan mein agar hum dat jaayeIf I step my foot on the battlefield
Mushkil hai ke peeche hat jaayeThen it's impossible to turn me back
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