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Lies & Cheating

Lies & Cheating Dialogues

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# 181
Koi bhi jhoot itna mahaan nahi hota ki jiske samne sar jhukaya jaye
No lie is so big that we need to bow down our head in front of it
# 182
Kitna pyar hai tumhari aankhon mein ... jin mein wafaa ki jhalak nazar aati hai ... jin mein dokhe ka zehar nahi, pyar ka amrit hai
There is so much love in your eyes ... in which I can see the sight of loyalty ... in which there is the holy water of love and not the poison of cheating
# 183
Main zindagi mein kadve se kadva sach bardaash kar sakta hoon ... lekin meethe se meetha jhoot nahi
I can tolerate the most bitter truth in life ... but I can't tolerate the sweetest of the lies
# 184
Jhoot bolkar khud pachtane waala ... sach bolkar kabhi kisi ko pachtane nahi deta
The one who repents after lying ... will not let anyone repent after saying the truth
# 185
Joh imaandaron se gaddari karega ... woh gaddaron se imaandari karega
One who cheats with honest people ... he will be honest with cheaters
# 186
Haath ki rekhayein kabhi jhoot nahi bolti
The lines on the palm never lie
# 187
Jhoot insaan ka zyada der tak saath nahi deta
A lie does not take the side of a person for long
# 188
Yeh khoobsurat rishteydari ke peeche ... makkari aur chaalbazi ke sivah kuch nahi hota
Behind this beautiful relationship ... there is nothing but deceitfulness and canniness
# 189
Thu thu thu ... sharafat ki vardiyon mein kaise kaise baimaanon ne shareer apne chupa rakhe hai
This is so bad ... cheaters have hidden their bodies in the uniforms of honesty
# 190
Woh jhooth sach se hazar gunah bada hai ... joh kisi dukhi ko shanti de, sukh pahunchaye
That lie is thousand times bigger than the truth ... which brings peace and happiness to someone who is sad
# 191
Yeh duniya ek akhada hai ... jhe ma sach aur jhooth naam ke dui pehalwan lad rahe hai ... aur jab tak sach naam ka pehalwan jhooth naam ke pehalwan ko pachaad nahi deta ... tab tak yeh ladai jaari rahegi
This world is an arena ... in which truth and lies are two fighters that are fighting ... and until the fighter named truth doesn't defeat the fighter named lies ... till then this fight will continue on
# 192
Suna hai sach aur jhooth ki jung mein jeet hamesha sach ki hoti hai ... aur apne desh ka sach toh yeh hai ... ki jeet ussi ki hoti hai jiske paksh mein kaagaz hota hai ... itni taqat hai apne system mein kaagaz ki ... aur kaagaz ki is taqat se takrana na toh koi mamooli kaam hai aur na hi kisi mamooli aadmi ka kaam hai
I've heard that in the war between truth and lies, the truth always wins ... and the reality in our country is that ... the one who has the paper on their side wins ... paper holds a lot of power in our system ... and it's not an ordinary thing to stand against this power of paper and neither is it the work of an ordinary man
# 193
Kabhi kabhi bada sach samne laane ke liye, chota jhooth bolna galat baat nahi
Sometimes to bring forward a big truth, it's not wrong to say a small lie
# 194
Kal yeh inaam dekh sari duniya baimaan ho jayegi ... toh harjai ko yakeen hai, kal sari khudai be-imaan ho jayegi
Looking at this prize, tomorrow the whole world will become dishonest ... hence the traitor is confident that tomorrow all the godliness will become foul
# 195
Baimaani ke dhande mein imaandari se kaam nahi karne waalon ka anjaam bahut bhayanak hota hai
Those who don't work honestly in the business of dishonesty have a very dangerous end
# 196
Aadmi aurat ko dokha dete waqt yeh bhool jaata hai ki ... jis din aurat apni aan par utar aaye woh aadmi ko jeete jee chalti phirti laash bana sakti hai
When a man cheats a woman then he forgets that ... the day a woman realizes her self-respect then she can make a man into a moving dead body
# 197
Pati rogi ho ya dhogi ho, yogi ho ya dhongi ho ... patni ka farz hai ki pati ke saath jeeye aur pati ke saath mare
Whether the husband is sick or a cheater, whether he is a yoga practitioner or a fake person ... it's the duty of a wife to live with her husband and die with her husband
# 198
Jhoot ke haathon se khodi gayi kabar mein sachchai dafnayi nahi jayegi
Truth will not be buried in a grave which is dug by the hands of a lie
# 199
Do baimaan apas mein bade imaandar hote hai
Two cheaters are very honest between them
# 200
Apni dharti se gaddari karna ... matlab apni maa ke saath gaddari karna
Being unfaithful to your country ... means being unfaithful to your mother
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