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Release Year - 1964
# 1
Jeet inki nahi hogi, jeet janta ki hogi ... jeet is jhoot ki nahi hogi, jeet sachai ki hogi ... jeet in khooniyon ki nahi hogi, jeet hum begunahon ke khoon ki hogi
They will not win, but the people will win ... the lies will not win, but the truth will win ... these murderers will not win, but the blood of innocent people like us will win
# 2
Meri haseen mehfil mein, ishq patthar hai aur kuch bhi nahi ... apne nagamo se zindagi de isse, ya mitta apni zindagi bhi yaheen
In my beautiful party, love is nothing but a stone ... give him life with your tunes, or else erase your life also here
# 3
Aye haseen aasman ki malika, mera dildar mujhko lauta de ... tujhko apni nazakaton ki kasam, tu mera pyar mujhko lauta de
Hey you queen of the beautiful sky, give my lover back to me ... you have the swear of your delicacy, give my love back to me
# 4
Zindagi ka kya bharosa hai ... kaun jaanta hai kab maut kis darwaze se dhakil hoti hai ... kab in chalti hui saanson ka silsila toot jaata hai
Life can't be trusted ... who knows when will death enter and from which door ... and when will the series of these breathes break
# 5
Charon taraf dekhte hai toh har baat mein khot aur milavat ... nal ka pani pejiye toh us mein dawai ki milavat hai, saans lijiye toh hawa mein millon ke dhuan ki milavat hai, agar khana khaiye toh roti ke aate mein mitti ki milavat hai ... charon taraf har baat mein jhoot hai ... dua mein, salaam mein, pyar mein, nafrat mein, gusse mein ... sab mein jhoot hai
When you look everywhere then there is cheating and adulteration ... if you drink tap water then it's adulterated with medicine, if you breath then it's adulterated with the smoke from the factories, if you eat food then the flour of the bread is adulterated with mud ... there is lies everywhere and in everything ... in a prayer, in a salute, in love, in hatred, in anger ... there is lies in everything
# 6
Doobti hui kashti mein bhaagne waale kabhi sahil ka mooh tak nahi dekhte
Those who run away in a drowning boat never see the face of the shore
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