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Release Year - 1990
# 1
Is shehar par aaisa qahar bankar gir ... ki insaan toh kya ... is shehar ka zara zara us qahar se kaanp uthte, gabrakar chilla uthte
Create such a havoc on this city ... that forget a person ... every little bit of this city should shiver from that havoc and shout with fear
# 2
Tum log itna itna sa the talaab mein nange nahate the ... hum pakadkar bahar nikaalte the ... ab toh tum poore James Bond ho gaye ... saand ke saand ho gaye
You guys were so small and you used to bath naked in the pond ... and I used to catch you guys and take you out ... now you've become completely like James Bond ... infact you've become bulls
# 3
Kroadh woh zehareela saanp hai joh dasta zaroor kisi doosre ko hai ... lekin zehar khud ki zindagi mein ghol deta hai
Anger is that poisonous snake which definitely will bite someone else ... but it will blend the poison in our own life
# 4
Yeh kroadh joh har waqt naak par laga rehta hai na ... yahi kroadh ek din naak katvakar rakh deta hai
The anger that is always sitting on your nose ... one day this anger will cut your nose
# 5
Goonjte hai tere nagamon se ameeron ke mahal ... jhopdiyon mein bhi teri awaaz hai ... apne sangeet pe toh sabhi ko naaz hai
The mansions of the rich echo with your tunes ... your voice exists even in the huts ... and everyone is proud of their music
# 6
Yeh jhoot hai judge sahab, sarasar jhoot hai ... meri statement har lafz utna hi sacha hai jitna Mahabharat aur Ramayan mein likha har lafz ... meri statement utni hi sachi aur paakh hai jitni ki meri jism par yeh vardi
Mr. Judge, this is a lie and nothing but a lie ... every word of my statement is as true as every word written in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana ... my statement is as true and pure as the uniform on my body
# 7
Gaon mein hafte mein log bazaar lene aate hai ... yahan bazaar mein hafta lene aate hai
In the village people go once a week to buy from the market ... but here they come to the market to collect the weekly money
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