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Lies & Cheating

Lies & Cheating Dialogues

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# 161
Sach aur jhoot toh insaan ke chehre par likha hota hai
The truth and the lies are written on a persons face
# 162
Jhoot ka bhi rajneeti mein ek khaas maqam hai
A lie has a special place in politics
# 163
Apun ka kaam imaandari ka hai ... aur inaam na milne par ... kabhi bhi dil baimaan ho sakta hai
My work is of honesty ... and if I don't get rewarded ... then my heart can cheat anytime
# 164
Imaandari fashion mein nahi hai ... baimaani hai hit, super hit
Honesty is not in fashion ... dishonesty is a hit, super hit
# 165
When I'm high ... I don't lie
When I'm high ... I don't lie
# 166
Baimaani ke chocolate se imaandari ki chane hazar gunah zyada achche hai
The nuts of honesty are thousand times better than the chocolate of cheating
# 167
Haraam ki kamai ke hazaron lakhon rupaye se ... us ek rupaye mein zyada barkat hoti hai joh halaal ki kamai ka hota hai
Better than thousands and lakhs of rupees earned from cheating ... is one rupee that is earned with honesty
# 168
Barson imaandari ka dhong karte rehte ho ... aur mauka milte hi aaisi baimaani karte ho ki shaitan bhi sharma jaye
You keep pretending to be honest for years ... and the moment you get a chance you cheat in such a way that even the devil will feel shy
# 169
Jinke khoon mein wafaadari hoti hai ... woh gaddari ke bare mein sooch bhi nahi sakte
Those who have loyalty in their blood ... they can't even think about cheating
# 170
Jis jhoot se kisi ki izzat bach jaye ... aaisa jhoot toh hazaron sach se bhi mahaan hota hai
A lie that protects the honour of someone ... that lie is even bigger than thousands of truths
# 171
Gaddari ki jitni badi sazaa hoti hai ... utna hi bada inaam
The bigger the punishment of cheating is ... that much bigger is the reward
# 172
Yahan lakhon logon ke karodon sapne hai ... kuch sache, kuch jhoote ... kuch ban gaye, kuch toote
Here hundreds and thousands of people have millions of dreams ... some true, some fake ... some were successful, some broke away
# 173
Sache aadmi ko gale lagane se ... jhoote aadmi ke, kaminey aadmi ke paap thode kam ho jaate hai
By hugging a honest person ... it reduces the sins of a liar, a dishonest person
# 174
Logon ki kismat mein toh lutna hi likha hai ... amir gareebon ko lootte hai, vyapari grahakon ko lootte hai aur neta janta ko lootti hai ... sabhi toh sabko lootte hai ... kalyug mein yahi hota raha hai aur yahi hota rahega
People are destined to be robbed ... the rich rob the poor, the businessmen rob their customers and the politicians rob their people ... everyone robs everyone ... this has been happening in the age of vice and this will continue on
# 175
Do kisam ke log zaroorat se zyada imaandari ka dhol peetate hai ... ek woh joh imaandar hote hai aur doosre woh joh puri tarah se baimaan hote hai
Two types of people keep talking about honesty more than needed ... one those who are honest and second those who are completely dishonest
# 176
Meri fitrat hai goongo se bulvana, bhairon ko sunane ke liye majboor kar dena aur jhooton ki zubaan se sach ughalvana
It's in my nature to make dumb people speak, compel deaf people to hear and to remove the truth from the mouth of those who lie
# 177
Char-aane kamane ke liye aath-aane ka jhoot bolna padta hai
To make 25 paise you have to lie worth 50 paise
# 178
Charon taraf dekhte hai toh har baat mein khot aur milavat ... nal ka pani pejiye toh us mein dawai ki milavat hai, saans lijiye toh hawa mein millon ke dhuan ki milavat hai, agar khana khaiye toh roti ke aate mein mitti ki milavat hai ... charon taraf har baat mein jhoot hai ... dua mein, salaam mein, pyar mein, nafrat mein, gusse mein ... sab mein jhoot hai
When you look everywhere then there is cheating and adulteration ... if you drink tap water then it's adulterated with medicine, if you breath then it's adulterated with the smoke from the factories, if you eat food then the flour of the bread is adulterated with mud ... there is lies everywhere and in everything ... in a prayer, in a salute, in love, in hatred, in anger ... there is lies in everything
# 179
Jeet inki nahi hogi, jeet janta ki hogi ... jeet is jhoot ki nahi hogi, jeet sachai ki hogi ... jeet in khooniyon ki nahi hogi, jeet hum begunahon ke khoon ki hogi
They will not win, but the people will win ... the lies will not win, but the truth will win ... these murderers will not win, but the blood of innocent people like us will win
# 180
Jhoot ek vaishaya ki tarah hai ... jisse lakh parde mein rakho, magar uski asliyat nahi chupti
A lie is like a prostitute ... no matter how much you keep it behind the curtain, you cannot hide it's reality
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